Monday, March 09, 2015

Music For Nations presents: STRIKTLY FOR KONNOISSEURS - LP 1

Music For Nations Presents: STRIKTLY FOR KONNOISSEURS - LP 1 front
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In the '80s, Kerrang! Magazine was 'the one' you needed to check to be updated if Hard Rock / AOR / Heavy Metal was your thing. Their journalists in conjunction with the recently founded (and now legendary) Music For Nations label, compiled songs from American / Canadian bands that were pretty unknown at the moment and released a double-LP album under the name "Striktly For Konnoisseurs" in 1984.
Despite its 'Germanic' title the vinyl was intended for the British audience, and only was pressed & published in UK.

You have here great tracks mostly taken from the first albums (late '70s / early '80s) of bands that later become pretty successful, like Legs Diamond, Angel (turned Giuffria), Wrabit, etc, besides wonderful cuts from acts that deserved to be huge such as Trillion, 707, Balance, and more.

Many of these albums were already reissued on CD some time ago, but others will remain forever into oblivion as the Reggie Knighton Band, Marcus or the awesome Mayday.
However, I have preserved the original full vinyl-rip because some tracks seems to be featured with a different mix, or, as happens with Canadian hard rockers Moxy's "Another Time Another Place", it's an exclusive version to this compilation.

Music For Nations Presents: STRIKTLY FOR KONNOISSEURS - LP 1 back

I took notice of "Striktly For Konnoisseurs" some years ago thanks to a great collector (and frequent visitor of this blog) Mr. Homer64, who provided me a copy.
This is a new vinyl-rip, done by an English friend of mine and restored / cleaned / enhanced by me.
A true collectors piece.

LP 1

01 - 1994 - Please Stand By
02 - Legs Diamond - It's Not The Music
03 - Desmond Child & Rouge - The Truth Came Out
04 - American Tears - Can't Keep
05 - 707 - Megaforce
06 - Marcus - Black Magic
07 - Reckless - Searching For A Dream
08 - Wrabit - Just Go Away
09 - Moxy - Another Time Another Place
10 - Tantrum - Applaud The Winner
11 - Zon - Circus
12 - Balance - Undercover Man



Alberto said...

Thank you so much my friend. What a great surprise and, once listened, WHAT A GREAT RESTORATION!

Tim said...

Really frustrated...Firefox and Chrome are both blocking me from getting this, claiming it is a malicious file. Anyone got a tip on how I can get it?? Thanks!

Alberto said...

Hi Tim:

I think that is your digital "keeper of seven keys" (antivirus) what is cheating your download. Try to disable the antivirus, just the time to get the file to see if with this action your problem is solved, if not, try using JDownloader (I always use this program). The link get you to a "Uploaded cyberlocker" link, so, It's really strange this "malicious" warning...

Good luck guy.

Alberto said...

P.S. Tim, I've tested the link and I use Firefox. Now I'm enjoying this gem, so, I guarantee you that the file is not a fake nor a virus. So, cheer up, try again.

Tim said...

Hey, thanks for the advice. I finally got it! Thanks for sharing this awesome album!

Camelblue said...

That's 'Chr0me' new settings crap. It happens to me too. The download starts and continue anyway, just go to the 'Downloads' menu (or type Ctrl+J) and click 'Hurt me plenty" (what a stupid option) and the .rar it's un-blocked.

beholder said...

After nearly two Weeks struggle I finally got it through Camelblue's description. I have had the Vinyl for 30 Years and ripped it myself a few Years ago, but Music like this deserves the best quality available...

During the Years I have put a lot of effort searching for this Bands originally hard to find in my Country, and even if the tracks here not necessary is their standout Tacks the whole Album hardly includes any fillers at all. If you only want to have one Compilation Album look no further...

Beatnik Devil said...

Hi! Any chance of a re-upload of this great compilation? The link is dead.

Very much appreciated!

Cheers -

Beatnik Devil said...

Hi! Any chance of a re-upload of this great compilation? The links are dead for LP1 and LP2.

Very much appreciated!

Cheers -