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CHRIS IRVINE - Chris Irvine (1992)

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Few things are known about this terrific British vocalist CHRIS IRVINE and his (only) self-titled album from 1992.
The 10 wonderful tracks on this CD were an integral production of talented musicians Peter Yellowstone and Phil Radford who worked for the small label / publishing agency Red Bus Music. Both were involved with many productions / artists from the same company.
All the songs were composed, arranged and produced by Yellowstone & Radford, and seems they needed a vocalist to sing them. The duo got Chris Irvine presumably from a demo tape, and what a great find it was.

Irvine's smooth vocal timbre perfectly fits the melodic, breezy essence of these songs.
With a style and a polished sound bringing to mind Canadians Boulevard / Blvd, cuts like 'Frozen rivers', the pulsating 'Vital signs', the superb mid-tempo 'Never listen to rumours' or the totally '80s 'Kicking up dust' (great guitar work) are a wet dream for any AOR aficionado.
You have more radio friendly numbers in the awesome 'Can you see me now?', the poppy 'Hypnotise' (with some John Warren on it) and the great ballad 'In need of an Angel' (remind me Brian Spence), all complete with catchy choruses and really nice keyboards.

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Personnel is not listed, but top class musicians were used for the recording, and alongside Irvine's angelic voice the the result was stupendous. Sadly never recorded an album again, but he's still active as entertainer singing at corporate events, weddings, etc.
I assure you "Chris Irvine" is a must have album in your AOR collection.

01 - Frozen rivers
02 - Vital signs
03 - Never listen to rumours
04 - Hypnotise
05 - In need of an angel
06 - Really need to know
07 - You've got the right
08 - Kicking up dust
09 - Can you see me now?
10 - Get a grip

Chris Irvine: Vocals
Peter Yellowstone: Production
Phil Radford: Production

CHRIS IRVINE - Chris Irvine (1992)