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KERRI ANDERSON - Labyrinth (1991)

KERRI ANDERSON - Labyrinth (1991) front
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Canadian singer / songwriter KERRI ANDERSON released her debut album "Labyrinth" in 1991, a 10-track record pretty varied in style yet always revolving around the melodic rock / pop-rock sound typical of the late '80s. And when I say typical, it means 'typical Canadian'.
Indeed, although there's a clear USA target in the overall production, "Labyrinth" has that unmistakable Canuck feel.

Kerri Anderson not only can sing really fine - she's like a mix of Chrissie Hynde, Robin Beck and Stevie Nicks - but also compose very good, catchy songs.
"Labyrinth" is quite diverse, as heard on the first 4 tracks from the record spanning a meaty melodic rocker ("In The Night"), a radio-ready rock&pop ("Corner Of Life"), an atmospheric ballad ("I Will Disappear") and an elegant FM Rock number in the great opener "Ghosts".

"Without Me" and the haunting title track (not exactly a ballad which starts as a hidden track) blend acoustic and electric guitars cleverly arranged to obtain a nice, warm contrast. Talking about guitars, special mention go to Spencer Sercombe (Shark Island, Michael Schenker) for his, at places, hot six-string work ("Day By Day").

KERRI ANDERSON - Labyrinth (1991) back

Distributed by MCA, "Labyrinth" did well in the US and garnered Kerri Anderson a Canadian Juno nomination in 1992. As far I know, this is Anderson's only major album, but she still performs occasional acoustic shows in his native country.
This is the kind of albums that grows in you with each listen thanks to the strong songwriting, melodic arrangements and solid performances. Production is bright & open, courtesy of expert Randy Nicklaus (Vixen, Shark Island).
Quite Rare.

01 - Ghosts
02 - In The Night
03 - Corner Of Life
04 - I Will Disappear
05 - Angel Says
06 - One Day
07 - Where David Sleeps
08 - Without Me
09 - Day By Day
10 - Labyrinth

Kerri Anderson - vocals, guitar
Spencer Sercombe - lead guitars, backing vocals
Jeff Morrow - keyboards
Don Schiff - bass, chapman stick
Gregg Ellis - drums
Mark Levang, Jim Lang - programming
Lenny Castro - percussion