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KEVEN JORDAN - No Sign Of Rain (1991)

KEVEN JORDAN - No Sign Of Rain (1991) front
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"No Sign Of Rain" is the debut album by Canadian KEVEN JORDAN, not only a smooth vocalist but also a complete musician & songwriter (he co-writes & arrange all songs here).
To put it in few words, this record is one of the best light AOR albums ever produced from the Canadian factory. It's really hard to find a weak track among the 10 little gems on offer.

Opener "There Is A Reason" recall the finest Stan Meissner moments, the happy melody of "Just Another Day" has all the quality akin this blog's favorite Paul Janz, while the elegant midtempo "Your Disguise" comes straight from the Marc Jordan (not related) book.
The atmospheric "Traces Of You" has some Richard Marx on it (and a West Coast feel), then awesome closer "The Path That Leads To You" breathes Mr. Mister / Richard Page from every pore.

KEVEN JORDAN - No Sign Of Rain (1991) cd

Those comparisons are only to give you an idea of the quality on display here, sometimes even better than the monster AOR artists mentioned.
Production is crystal clear, just perfect, bringing to your ears a magical aura plenty of melody.
As said, Jordan's vocals are really smooth but there's some underlying power on his pipes that I can imagine him singing rockin' AOR tunes with ease.

KEVEN JORDAN - No Sign Of Rain (1991) back

All session musicians involved are impecabble, special mention to Tim McAuley's clever keyboard arrangements (he co-writes all tracks as well) and the awesome bass playing of Peter Cardinali (very well enhanced by the production) resulting in a really bass 'guitar' work.
Keven Jordan's "No Sign Of Rain" is a must have in your AOR collection, believe me.

01 - There Is A Reason
02 - No Sign Of Rain
03 - I Look To You
04 - Just Another Day
05 - True Believers
06 - Your Disguise
07 - She Lives
08 - Traces of You
09 - How Can We Believe?
10 - The Path That Leads To You

Keven Jordan: vocals, guitars
Tim McAuley: keyboards, programming
Marty Walsh: guitars
Peter Cardinali: bass guitar
Matthew Mcauley: keyboards, vocals
Scott Humphrey: drums

KEVEN JORDAN No Sign Of Rain (1991)


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