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GLORY - Danger In This Game [Japanese Edition] (1989)

GLORY - Danger In This Game [Japanese Edition] (1989)
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"Danger In This Game", arguably the best album from Swedes GLORY, deserved a place on this blog. And that's simply because this record is among the best Melodic Hard Rock ever created from the Scandinavian factory.
With lovely AOR touches in the best Swedish / Norwegian / Danish tradition, you need "Danger In This Game" alongside your Europe, Alien or Treat collection.

Since the first bars of powerful opener title track 'Danger In This Game' you have pure Scandi magic. The AORish 'Never Stop', if released 3 years before, easily could have competed with any Europe hit.
'Runaway' is a killer melodic rocker, while 'Feel The Fire' is one of the best mid-tempo / semi-ballad emerged from the genre (very Alien-like) complete with lovely keyboards.

But the star here is guitarist Jan Granwick: this underrated axeman shines all over the record with punchy rhythms and stratospheric solos. Just listen his work on the driving 'Like An Eagle'...
More gems arrive with 'I'm Hurt', 'This Is The Love' and the superb 'Survivor' (again, a sharp six-string work).

GLORY - Danger In This Game [Japanese Edition] (1989) back

You need "Danger In This Game" in your Melodic Hard Rock / AOR collection. It's a rare case of all killers, no fillers. Even the instrumental last track ironically titled 'Exhibition' (to mock all guitar heroes) is great and with sense of a 'song', not just pyrotechnics.
This very hard to find Japanese release of "Danger In This Game" (different cover... and mastering?) sounds much better than any other in my opinion, brighter and punchier.
A Must Have.

01 - Danger In This Game
02 - Never Stop
03 - Feel The Fire
04 - This Is The Love
05 - Runaway
06 - Like An Eagle
07 - Harmony
08 - I'm Hurt
09 - Tell Me (If I'm Wrong)
10 - Survivor
11 - Exhibition

Peter Eriksson - vocals
Jan Granwick - guitars
Andy Loos - bass, backing vocals
Jonas Sandkvist - keyboards
Matt Driver - drums

GLORY Danger In This Game [Japanese Edition]


aorheart said...

hi Camelblue,

Many thanks for this upload ! I like this album very much .... one of my Scandi favorites ! You have right with the sounding, a have the original GLORY - Danger In This Game-Bozz Edition Sweden 1989 and the Remastered Edition 1994 Victor Japan.
But this Japanese Edition 1989 from you sounds much better with nice artwork !!!


JC_AOR said...

Agree with aorheart, thank you Camelblue for this gem (-:

Tito said...

A must-have album for all the scandi AOR lovers.
I have a Dvd bootleg titled 'Live in Sweden 1989'

Unknown said...

Where can I buy this Album in CD ???