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PLANET 3 feat JAY GRAYDON - Gems Unearthed [Japan version +3] (2004)

PLANET 3 feat JAY GRAYDON - Gems Unearthed [Japan version +3] (2004) front
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For any AOR fan, the name JAY GRAYDON needs no introduction. With twelve Grammy nominations (2 wins) this talented songwriter, recording artist, guitarist, singer, producer, arranger and recording engineer is one of the greats from the legendary LA scene.
Graydon also found time for his own projects, like PLANET 3 (featuring as band mates the cream of the genre in Clif Magness and Glen Ballard) releasing a stupendous album in the early '90s.

With such busy personnel, few would have expected a new Planet 3 album, but that happened in 2004 with this "Gems Unearthed" a follow up CD with many previously unreleased songs as well as re-worked, alternate versions of a few songs from the first Planet 3 album.
You have here superb AOR melodies, uptempo / ballad tunes full of elegance and class.
There's irresistible tracks like the lush "Jenny's Still In Love", the '80s synth gem "Push It In", the stratospheric AOR of "Criminal" alongside classy FM ballads such as "I Don't Want To Say Goodnight" or the beauty of "Tonight You're Mine".
You know, classic '80s stuff in the vein of Toto, Chicago, Keane, etc.

PLANET 3 feat JAY GRAYDON - Gems Unearthed [Japan version +3] (2004) back

This Japanese release features 3 additional tracks, taken from Graydon's solo work: one is the Grammy awarded monster ballad "After the Love Has Gone" (written by Graydon / David Foster / Bill Champlin) in a new version sung by Champlin.
The others are "Roxann" with the unforgettable Warren Wiebe on lead vocals, and "Holdin' On to Love" featuring Sherwood Ball, both excellent cuts as well.
Needless to say, production, mix, mastering, etc. in "Gems Unearthed" is top notch, pristine and clear.
A must.

01 - After the Love Has Gone *
02 - Holdin' On to Love *
03 - Roxann *
04 - Jenny's Still In Love
05 - Modern Girl
06 - Tonight You're Mine
07 - Push It In
08 - Mondo Rock
09 - Criminal
10 - Comin' Together
11 - I Don't Want To Say Goodnight
12 - Make My Day
13 - I Gotta Have It

* Japanese edition extra tracks

Jay Graydon: guitars, keyboards, programming
Clif Magness: vocals, guitar, keyboards, programming
Glen Ballard: keyboards, programming
David Foster, Mark Portman: keyboards
Bill Cantos: keyboards, backing vocals
Kenji Sano: bass
Jerry Hey: horns
Jay Oliver: synths
Bill Champlin: vocals
Sherwood Ball: vocals
Warren Wiebe: vocals

PLANET 3 feat JAY GRAYDON Gems Unearthed [Japan version +3]


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