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THE BURNS SISTERS - Endangered Species (1989)

THE BURNS SISTERS - Endangered Species (1989) front
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New York based THE BURNS SISTERS opted for an appropriate band name, as there's five sisters at the core: Annie, Marie, Terry (Theresa), Jeannie and Sheila Burns, all owner of fantastic voices. Yes, the five share their pipes in the band resulting in highly harmonized melodies.
The Burns Sisters were signed by major label Columbia Records in the mid-Eighties and released their first album in 1986, a rock&pop / AOR disc oriented to radio. But for this second effort "Endangered Species" the band management and the label opted for a rocking approach according to the time of release; 1989.

"Endangered Species" is a terrific Melodic Rock / AOR album with all the magic the genre had to offer in America circa 1989. Production is top notch, the guitars bite and the choruses are celestial.
Of course, grand part of this success should be thanked to AOR guru Bob Marlette (The Storm, Alice Cooper) who not only provide the awesome guitar riffs / solos and co-write the songs, but also was at charge of the musical direction.

There's not a single weak track on "Endangered Species"; you have a catchy rocker in "Love Me Like A Man", the pumping AOR of "We Wait For Freedom" (the best song Heart never wrote), the melodic bliss of "Remember Me" (akin Fiona), the moving "Greenlight", and if you need ballads "Hold On" is an AOR diamond, as the calm and multi-layered vocal arrangement of "The King Is Going To Fall".

THE BURNS SISTERS - Endangered Species (1989) back

"Endangered Species" is pretty unknown for many Melodic Rock / AOR fans due the album's failure to chart when released, and was forgotten soon. That was not because the lack of quality for sure, but at the time there was a change of management at Columbia Records and the record never got a proper release and promotion.
Well, it's time to enjoy this "Endangered Species" from beginning to end, at maximum quality and with complete artwork.

01 - Love Me Like A Man
02 - We Wait For Freedom
03 - The King Is Going To Fall
04 - Remember Me
05 - Hold On
06 - My Boyfriend's Back
07 - Greenlight
08 - Place To Rock
09 - Answers
10 - Last Eagle (For The People Of Big Mountain)

Annie Burns - Vocals
Jeannie Burns - Vocals
Terry Burns - Vocals
Marie Burns - Backing Vocals
Sheila Burns - Backing Vocals
Denny Fongheiser - Drums
Bob Marlette - Guitars, Bass, Keyboards

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