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LITTERER - Rock This City (1987)

LITTERER - Rock This City (1987) front
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Formed by family members, LITTERER rocked the South Dakota area during the '80s recording this "Rock This City" LP in 1987. It was released on a small label, but the band was truly professional.
Not only they had a great image, wardrobe, stage design, etc, but also (apart from being solid musicians and composing good songs) the production on this album is above the standard for an indie band.

Often compared with the first Danger Danger - perhaps due to Tom Litterer's similar vocal timbre to Ted Poley - to me their brand of melodic hard rock is more edgy (twin guitar attack) and they throw in some lovely Pomp AOR flourishes all over.
Indeed opener 'Ghost Town Park' sounds a bit like Danger Danger, but next title track 'Rock This City' is harder showing Litterer's bite, with some classy pompy keyboards all over.
'Lost In Time' has some Dokken on it, 'No More Lies' is more melodic, then midtempo ballad 'Romancing The Night' has more substance than the typical songs in this vein.

'Rock On Through The Night' delivers more hard rockin' (reminds me a Stryper song), mid-paced 'Broken Hearts' has a very cool guitar interplay, 'High Roller' indeed rolls with a good rhythm, and closer 'City Lights', starting with popmpy keys, develops into another effective Dokken-esque rocker.

LITTERER - Rock This City (1987) back

Only released on vinyl, Litterer and this "Rock This City" are good examples of the extensive talent and huge amount of solid bands that flooded the US scene during the '80s.
Requested by a reader, I thought this was a fitting post to this blog as we needed some rocking stuff here. This is a 192Kbps vinyl-rip (not mine) but very well done, pretty clean.

01 - Ghost Town Park
02 - Rock This City
03 - Lost In Time
04 - No More Lies
05 - Romancing The Night
06 - Rock On Through The Night
07 - Broken Hearts
08 - High Roller
09 - City Lights

Steve Litterer - guitar, vocals
Dave Litterer - drums
Tom Litterer - bass, lead vocals
Carleen Litterer - keyboards, vocals
Brent Estlund - guitar, vocals

LITTERER - Rock This City (1987)


aorheart said...

great album ! I believe you can find some songs from this album also on the CD release from LITTERER - Romancing The Night (1995)!

Camelblue said...

You're are right my friend. Glad to read you here.

T.P said...

"We are Family" in a whole different way and with no Sister Sledge far and wide, LITTERER rock the stage in best 80s' Indie Hardrock tradition! Thanks for this entry, Camelblue!

Bye for now,

triggerfish65 said...

This is a dead link guys, could you post a new link?? Would love to hear this

Camelblue said...

Robert Campopiano:
Tested & working perfectly. Please try again.

Unknown said...

Looking for a Litterer- Rock this City LP NM copy
Thank you.