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EDIN / ADAHL - Big Talk (1989) [Swedish reissue]

EDIN / ADAHL - Big Talk (1989) [Swedish reissue]
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Comprising a pair of brothers - Bertil & Lasse Edin / Frank & Simon Adahl - Swedish combo EDIN / ADAHL started as band in the late Seventies.
Their first self-titled album appeared in 1980 with Swedish lyrics and a poppy style plus some light progressive touches, but the band developed their sound to a West Coast feel in successive albums influenced by American bands from the genre.
Additionally, they started to record two album versions; in English and their native language.

EDIN / ADAHL was a band with a religious background, and with the raising popularity of CCM in America most of their albums - the English versions - were released in the USA.
The polished sound of the band plus the pristine record production - similar quality when compared to secular albums - gave EDIN / ADAHL a considerable success among American listeners.

Released in 1989, "Big Talk" is EDIN / ADAHL's more 'American' album, both in sound & songwriting style, and their strongest effort overall.
Here, the band feels focused, straight to a mainstream direction and with a pristine production to appeal US adult radio / charts.
Unfortunately, despite of being released in America by the biggest CCM label at the moment (Refuge), "Big Talk" suffered of poor distribution. Certainly, a pity, as most tracks own the potential to had become hits in the AC charts.

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Songs like the dynamic poppy opener 'Going Back', the catchy 'Wider Than The Ocean', the slightly hi-tech title track or the excellent ballad 'Lonely Without You' have a sound the easily could be compared with Mr. Mister or Chicago finest moments.
Very smooth vocals by Frank Adahl, stylish instrumentation and as said, top class production are the key of "Big Talk", a sure delight for fans of this genre.
This is a rip of the Swedish reissue from some years ago, not sure if remastered, but sounds fabulous.

01 - Going Back
02 - Missin' You
03 - Wider Than The Ocean
04 - Man Of The Street
05 - Big Talk
06 - Mystical Moments
07 - Write It On The Wall
08 - Utopia
09 - Lonely Without You

Frank Adahl - Keyboards, Guitars, Vocals
Simon Adahl - Keyboards, Guitars, Bass, Vocals
Bertil Edin - Keyboards, Guitars, Bass, Vocals
Lasse Edin - Keyboards, Vocals

EDIN / ADAHL - Big Talk (1989) [Swedish reissue]


T.P said...

Lonely Without You offers such a finely soft AORish tearjerker experience, so that even my humble-no-sadness-self feels his heart goin' yearningly heavy! In fact, it ensures an excellent teaser for the full album which seems to contain a broad spectrum I'm curious about. Thanks, Camelblue!

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Big Big Thank's Camelblue!!!



Anonymous said...

Another criminal under rated great album! thanx a lot Camel!
Cheers From Mexico!
Bernardo Casarin

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This one yes,it´s rare,thanks so much