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EDEN - Fan The Flame (1994) [remastered]

EDEN - Fan The Flame (1994) [remastered]
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"Fan The Flame" was the debut - and as far I know sole release - by Americans EDEN. Founded by quite solid & melodic vocalist Joe Dokken in the early Nineties, the band play here classic second half of the '80s US Hard Rock.
Although Joe Dokken is not related to the famous Don, the music of Eden has many points in common with Dokken, but also Tesla or WhiteCross, and I mention the latter because all the guitars on "Fan The Flame" were performed by Rex Carroll from WhiteCross.
So expect sharp riffs and some flashy solos in the vein of Ratt's Warren DeMartini, George Lynch or even Van Halen, as Carroll - truly underrated 6-string shredder - comes from the same school.

The album was recorded previously to Eden's definitive line-up, so this is basically Joe Dokken & Carroll with some session musicians, not the one listed in the liner notes (check below for personnel on the recording).
There's very cool rockers with melody such as 'Morning Star', 'Show Me', the great 'Forgotten Child' (some Queensryche on it), 'It’s A Shame', and the bluesy 'Tomorrow’s Yesterday', more straight hard rock on 'Back To The Garden' and closer 'Love Rolls On', and a stunning power ballad in title track 'Fan The Flame'.

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"Fan The Flame" was originally released in 1994 independently by the band in very limited copies.
Fortunately it was reissued by Retroactive Records in 2003 - the one featured here - digitally remastered with new cover artwork. Also it was re-released in 2008 by a British label under the band's original moniker, Scream In Eden, re-titled Original Sin and again, updated artwork and different song sequence.

01 - Need Somebody
02 - Show Me
03 - Morning Star
04 - Fan The Flame
05 - Tomorrow's Yesterday
06 - Forgotten Child
07 - Give Me A Reason
08 - It's A Shame
09 - Back To The Garden
10 - Love Rolls On

Joe Dokken - Lead Vocals
Rex Carroll - Guitars
Phil Medeira - Keyboards
Mark Robertson - Bass
Brian Wirt - Drums

EDEN - Fan The Flame (1994) [remastered]


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Must feel like being in Eden for sure when addicting oneself to the rockin' heat of this Flame. And so I will fan it, too. :-) Thanks, Camelblue!

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