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LIGHT MELLOW - AOR Groovin' & Breezin' [Cool Sound Japan] (2000)

LIGHT MELLOW - AOR Groovin' & Breezin' [Cool Sound Japan] (2000)
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"Light Mellow" is a compilation series assembled by various Japanese labels featuring artists from their back catalog all revolving around smooth AOR / West Coast music.
So there's Light Mellow compilations made by Warner Bros Japan, BMG Japan, Universal Japan, etc, but I think the best of all it's the first appeared in 2000, initiated by specialized AOR label Cool Sound, a little company legendary for their pristine remasters of long forgotten albums.

That first CD was titled "LIGHT MELLOW: AOR Groovin' & Breezin' [Cool Sound Japan version]", including some hard to find true gems for the first time on CD, remastered, plus a couple of previously unreleased tracks.
Among the great artists featured here we have Sneaker, Heat, Paul Bliss, Bruce Gaitsch feat. Jason Scheff, King Of Hearts (Tommy Funderburk), Joseph Williams and Tony Scuito with his classic 'Island Nights' but in its impossible to find Alternate Mix.

However the real pearls on this release are the 2 previously unreleased tracks: one being 'Heart Don't Change My Mind' by master Robbie Buchanan featuring the awesome lead vocals of the late Warren Wiebe, and Greg Guidry's 'Goin' Down' in a newly re-recorded version of this tune exclusive to this CD.

LIGHT MELLOW - AOR Groovin' & Breezin' [Cool Sound Japan] (2000) back

Of course out of print now, "LIGHT MELLOW: AOR Groovin' & Breezin' [Cool Sound Japan version]" is a much sought after album not only for its quality and collectors item status, but mostly because the CD was strictly prohibited to be sold to foreign customers due legal reasons.
Smooth stuff of the highest quality. Rare.

01 - Heat
Don't You Walk Away
02 - Bruce Hibbard
Never Turnin' Back
03 - Rosie feat. Lynn Pitney
There's a Song In It Somewhere
04 - Robbie Buchannan (feat. Warren Wiebe)
Heart Don't Change My Mind
05 - Greg Guidry
Goin' Down
06 - David Diggs
Lonely Weekend
07 - Paul Bliss
How Do I Survive
08 - Tony Scuito
Island Nights (Alternate Mix)
09 - David Lasley
You Bring Me Joy
10 - Sibling Revelry
Consider the Greatest Love
11 - Kazu Matsui Project
Is That the Way to Your Heart
12 - Bruce Gaitsch feat. Jason Scheff
Letting Go
13 - Michael Gonzales
Love is Forever
14 - Sneaker
Did You Order One
15 - Joseph Williams
I Didn't Do It
16 - King Of Hearts
Lovin' Arms

LIGHT MELLOW AOR Groovin' & Breezin' [Cool Sound Japan]


T.P said...

What an exceptionally beautiful masterpiece you have decided to introduce to us here at your main gate, Camelblue! It is one that could easily pass as THE Hardrock/AOR Heaven's Summer Of 2016 Tribute!

So I lean back and relax with an orange juice "on the rocks" in my hands while a light breeze blows gently from the West Coast over to my nose - and ears - which benefit tremendously from this more than wonderful potpourri of divinely gifted musicians who truly understand their one of a kind smooth profession.

And because a teaser is completely missing this time, it will be a pleasure to throw myself into the breach this time by closing this gap with your, Camelblue, mentioned dream team, made up of Robbie Buchanan & Warren Wiebe, performing the poignant song Heart Don't Change My Mind, which is - how could it be otherwise - highly recommended!

Bye for now,

Anonymous said...

Hey thanks for this music is really beautiful and i can see you have a great taste, I wanted to ask you if you could post a tutorial or or tell me where can i learn to Edit a track so i can give it the best quality possible? thanks for the music again.

Camelblue said...

It depends in which kind of edit you want to do. Audacity let you do a lot of things.
I have a little home studio, if you send me the file, I can work on it a little.

Anonymous said...

Love this rare and quality gems,its why i follow this page since the first days,i hope to see more stuff like this in short,thxs