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JIMI GOARE - The Age Of Grace (2007)

JIMI GOARE - The Age Of Grace (2007)
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Guitarist / vocalist JIMI GOARE still performs to this day as solo artist, being a busy session musician during the '80s and fronted the really good band The Affair the next decade releasing strong albums.
In between sessions, Goare recorded many of his own songs and all appeared on this "The Age Of Grace" in 2007, but in fact this material was taped in 1986 / 1988 and some in the early Nineties.

With a quite good production and exquisite arrangements the songs here are plenty of delicate melodies akin Toto, Michael Thompson Band and on the ballads, first era Richard Marx (listen 'My Islands').
Goare's clean guitar licks will remind you Steve Lukather for sure, and vocally, he owns a smooth register. Other singer take the lead vocals on a couple of tracks (like on the '80s AOR of 'Bernadeane') providing more variation to the album.

Despite this is a collection of songs from various periods, all sound quite homogeneous and with a classy '80s AOR feel all over.

01 - Miranda
02 - Weight Of The World
03 - What You Mean To Me
04 - My Islands
05 - Bernadeane
06 - Tonight
07 - The Old Brown Chair
08 - The End Of The Road
09 - Top Of The Hill
10 - Monolith
11 - Suspicious (bonus track)
12 - Rock This Way (bonus track)
13 - Bernadeane (extended version)

Tony Newman: keyboards, bass guitar
Kevin Nevius: keyboards
Steve Edwards: bass guitar
David Breaston: drums
Brett Hardin: keyboards, drums, lead vocals on 2 & 7
Wilbur Strutt: lead vocals on 5 & 6
Infinity: backing vocals on 3
Erica Moening, Shirley Whitt: backing vocals
Jimi Goare: guitars, keyboards, bass, lead vocals on 1, 3, 4, 8 & 10

JIMI GOARE - The Age Of Grace


Anonymous said...

Jimi Goare was also in the Toledo OH band called SHYSTER. They released a mini LP in 1984. You can hear some of their stuff on You Tube.

T.P said...

So the conclusion on this is that Shyster in its whole as a band is also responsible for the herein featured and second to none smasher Bernadeane I used listening to, among others, in my bygone childhood BMX days. Which seems like - thanks to Camelblue's excellent new album entry - it may well have happened yesterday...

Bye for now,

Anonymous said...

They were Thomas.