Monday, January 07, 2019

GIUFFRIA III (Unreleased 3rd album + extras)

GIUFFRIA III (Unreleased 3rd album + extras) front
Requested by many...

Every American AOR fan recognize GIUFFRIA as one of the best exponents the genre had to offer during the '80s. Founded by ex-Angel keyboardist Gregg Giuffria, the band released two celebrated albums between 1984-86.
In 1987 the group recorded pre-production tracks for a third album tentatively named Pleasure Palace that never was.
This compilation feature most of these recordings, some of them later appeared in Giuffria vocalist David Glen Eisley's solo release called The Lost Tapes, others remain officially unreleased.

I have added as well the 3 tracks composed & recorded by Giuffria for the movie Gotcha!: "Say It Ain't True" it's the only available on CD included into the band's second album reissue (this is the remastered version), while the other two are ripped from the vinyl LP official Motion Picture Soundtrack.
Additionally, there's a nice Giuffria live recording with good soundboard quality, taped in 1985.

GIUFFRIA III (Unreleased 3rd album + extras) back

Compiled, edited and cleaned (especially the vinyl LP tracks) by me, plus myself-made artwork included.

01 - Stand Up
02 - Are You Ready
03 - Shot Down In Love
04 - Don't Turn Away From Love
05 - One Love
06 - Golden Town
07 - Fool's Paradise
08 - Only a Memory
09 - Reach Out
10 - The Rock Don't Stop
Gotcha! Soundtrack:
11 - Say It Ain't True (remastered)
12 - Never Too Late
13 - What's Your Name
14 - Do Me Right (Live)
15 - Don't Tear Me Down (Live)
16 - Lonely In Love (Live)
17 - Trouble Again (Live)
18 - Call To The Heart (Live)
19 - Line Of Fire (Live)

David Glen Eisley - vocals
Gregg Giuffria - keyboards, vocals
Lanny Cordola - guitars
Craig Goldy - guitar (live)
Chuck Wright - bass, vocals (live)
Alan Krigger - drums

GIUFFRIA III (Unreleased 3rd album + extras)


Anonymous said...

Looking forward to this...thanks

Dani said...

Thanks Camelblue! Livetracks too..��

Anonymous said...

Good stuff!!!

Ozz The Fozz said...

Excellent! I think I already had it but without the 3 Gotcha tracks. and Camel it is special indeed, since it was a group on the CAMEL (MCA) label!!!! lolol
Ozz The Fozz

T.P said...

Your extensive bonus content makes this album - studded with rare tracks all over - even more special. Thanks!

Bye for now,

aorheart said...

great compilation with rare and unreleased songs from this fantastic band !

many thanks Camelblue !!!

Anonymous said...

Always been a huge Giuffria fan, and had most of the tracks already. But thanks for making this into a great package. This will get major air time. Happy weekend!!