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VON GROOVE - Von Groove [Japanese Edition] (1992)

VON GROOVE - Von Groove [Japanese Edition] (1992) front
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Founded by Canadian vocalist / drummer Michael Shotten and bass player Matthew Gerrard (a songwriting duo contributing songs for Triumph among others) plus Croatian born guitarist simply called Mladen, VON GROOVE born in Gerrard's own basement recording studio in the early Nineties.
The tapes they recorded sounded so great that A&M Records signed the band and decided to release the material without modifications.

However Chrysalis wanted some 'sure fire' potential single hits, so Von Groove agreed to re-record 4 of the songs in Los Angeles with super-drummer Deen Castronovo (Bad English, Hardline, Journey) and famous (and talented) Richie Zito producing.

VON GROOVE - Von Groove [Japanese Edition] (1992) back
Simply put, "Von Groove" is one of the greatest Melodic Hard Rock records ever made. Killer songs, superb performances and brilliant production turns this CD a classic for the genre.
Someone asked for a HQ Cdrip so here it is from the Japanese edition, including 2 bonus tracks and full art.
A Must !

01 - Once Is Not Enough
02 - Better Than Ever
03 - Can't Get Too Much
04 - Once In A Lifetime
05 - Every Beat Of My Heart
06 - House Of Dreams
07 - C'Mon, C'Mon
08 - All The Way Down
09 - Arianne
10 - Slave To Sin
11 - Love Keeps Bringing Me Home
12 - Smaug
13 - Sweet Pain
Japanese bonus tracks;
14 - Soldier Of Fortune
15 - King Of Your World (Live)

Michael Shotton - lead and backing vocals, drums
Matthew Gerrard - bass, backing vocals, keyboards
Mladen - guitars, mandolin, backing vocals
Deen Castronovo - drums
Norm Arnold - percussion
Scotth Humphrey - keyboards, digital edition
Tommy Funderburk, Al Langlade, Grant Cummings - backing vocals

VON GROOVE - Von Groove [Japanese Edition] (1992)


Anonymous said...

Essential album. Thanks for the bonus.


T.P said...

What a massive, powerful Melodic Rock Sound! Yeah, that's the way I like it (too)! So I say thanks for those vigorous vibes!

Bye for now,

Buzzy said...

For once I dont download dis since I have the original japanese cd! in any case great one camel. B

Dean Dong said...

The first original japanese press was on Bruette label and included a sticker (and of course the 2 bonus tracks). It was later reissued in Japan by Bareknuckle with same audio contents inc the bonus tracks but without the sticker. The 2 bonus tracks were added much later to a european legit (? mmmm....) and remastered (?? mmmmm) CD release of the debut on Z records.

Anonymous said...

Deen Castronovo is not anymore with Journey

Walter Nudo said...

Hi Camelblue, watch out. Chrysalis released this originally, not A&M! At the time they (Chrysalis) were already fully owned by EMI and having a hit with Slaughter and I think that's it. Not a very rock oriented label in the late 80s/early 90s....

Camelblue said...

Walter Nudo ; you're right!