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BALANCE - In For The Count (1982)

Remastered + bonus

BALANCE - In For The Count
This is a re-post of the original thread: May 07, 2007
Link updated with the remastered version plus 2 bonus tracks, CDrip @ 320Kbps.

In the early 1980s there was a sort of superband that never got the attention they deserved.
The band was called BALANCE and featured the famous session musicians Bob Kulick on guitars, Peppy Castro on vocals and Doug Katsaros on keys.

Their music though was typical early 80s American AOR/Radiorock that should have been on top of the charts, because around the same time similar acts as SURVIVOR, JOURNEY and FOREIGNER scored massive hits while BALANCE had to split up after a couple of years because of the lack of success.

However, what remains are two albums that are a MUST for the AOR fan.
The lead vocals of Peppy Castro are a cross between Franke Previte (lead singer of Franke & The Knockouts) and Mike Reno (Loverboy).
Don't be scared by the year of release, this sounds like late '80 bands, brilliant and crisp production.

1 In for the Count 4:52
2 Is It Over 3:06
3 Slow Motion 4:26 (Awesome Track!)
4 Undercover Man 4:29
5 On My Honor 3:34
6 All the Way 3:39
7 Pull the Plug 3:41
8 Bedroom Eyes 3:56
9 We Can Have It All 3:44
10 Ride The Wave (bonus) 3:47
11 She's Alone Tonight (bonus) 3:09

Peppy Castro: lead and backing vocals
Bob Kulick: guitars
Doug Katsaros: keyboards, backing vocals
Chuck Burgi (Rainbow): drums, percussion
Dennis Feldman: bass

BALANCE In For The Count +2



Anonymous said...

I loved this band and this album! If you a AOR fan, you'll love this group. Strong guitars, great keyboards and nice vocals. Thanks for share this prescious!

Bobby80s said...

dude, this blog is f@*king phenomenal! THANKS!! I take it you have/heard the Joe Lynn Turner '85? That's gotta be *my* all time fave 80s keyboard AOR masterpiece (special mention to the band "White Sister" as well) \m/

bart said...

The link is broken.
Can someone please upload this for me? Thanks in advance.

Camelblue said...

@ bart:
Link updated

Lucascorso said...

Que bestia Camel. Este disco es mortal. Coincido contigo con respecto al tema "slow motion", temazo, impresionante.

bart said...

Thank you camelblue.
Appreciate it.

Stones said...

Superb album
A real classic.

Anonymous said...

F*cking Great Music, thx!

peraberg said...

Nice one, Never heard the bonus tracks

Victor94 said...

Hi, can you re-upload this album please?
Thank you so much.

Camelblue said...


Unknown said...

Hi, can you please update the link? File not found. And do you have their first record? Thanks :)

Camelblue said...