Saturday, October 03, 2009

CHANNEL 5 - The Colour Of The Moment (1985)

This german band (and particulary this album) is a cult group in AOR circles.
Wrongly marketed as a pop band, they blend a hi-tech sound with lite AOR.

Singer Jan Krueger has not accent at all, his voice is clear and fresh.
The band mates (especially guitar-man Markus Krochmann) are skilled musicians.
Some tracks are really tasteful, like 'Stop (Breakin' All Those Little Hearts)', a perfect example of the band's style, with TOTO influences.
Or the title track, an imaginative intrumental that reminds me the best DAVID FOSTER.

Very good production, and perfectly mixed.
As far I know only released on vinyl...

01 Isn't It You
02 For A Look In Your Eyes
03 Blue Suite Gang
04 Madonna
05 For A Single Time
06 The Colour Of The Moment
07 Lets Spend The Night (In Heaven)
08 Losing Control
09 Will I Ever See You Again
10 Stop (Breakin' All Those Little Hearts)

Jan Krueger - lead vocals, piano, keyboards
Markus Krochmann - guitars, vocals
Frank Winneberger - bass
Christian Blau - drums, percussion
Chris Adam - keyboards, computer programming
Christian Wilckens - saxophone, vocals

CHANNEL 5 - The Colour Of The Moment


psec said...

any chance of the song in a single mp3 file please
Stop (Breakin' All Those Little Hearts)

Camelblue said...

psec: why don't download the entire album?
Anyway, as requested by you;
Channel 5 - Stop (Breakin' All Those Little Hearts)

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much! A really beautiful album.

bart said...

I am really enjoying this.
This band somehow gives me a feel like modern talking, a-ha.
The voice and the music to some extent.

Camelblue, can you please more of this band? I am not finding any specifics on their albums. Sadly!

Anonymous said...

Hello at all! ;-)
Sorry, my English so bad, cause i'am a German.
This is the First (and the best) Release of the Band, The second Album called "Painted Nights" 1986, the third and last Release called only "Channel 5" 1988
And by the Way... all three Albums are also released on CD! But very rare.... Greets Ralf

Camelblue said...

Channel 5 - Painted Nights (1986)

Channel 5 - Channel 5 (1988)

Channel 5 - Twilight (1997)

sven86 said...

They have a Westcoast/AOR edge to them as well unlike most Hi-tech band I've heard. Especially with songs like "Isn't It You", "1000 Miles", and "Blue Suit Gang"

Anonymous said...

Is it possible to re upload please?

Anonymous said...

this album available in lossless (flac) format at :


Anonymous said...

Any chance for a reupload? Thank you!