Friday, October 09, 2009

DOUGLAS - State Of Rock (1987)

Greek band, founded by the Douglas bros. circa 1983.
Classic second mid eighties AOR-rock sound, loud guitars, keyboards at-glance and strong rhythm section.
Very good vocals, since "Cornelius" is the alias of CRAAFT's vocalist Klaus Lulley. Yes, it is Klaus (a subject of discussion in various forums / blogs).

No fillers in sight, few songs in this album, but all goodies!
"Shout" starts with those amazing keys we love to hear, "Loner" is the best song ever written by the band, "It’s Late" is a perfect ballad.
No more comments needed, you must hear this little (indie) gem.
This is the second press of this vinyl (released in 1988), with 2 extra tracks.
Not easy to see anywhere, restored by myself for your listening pleasure.

1. Shout
2. Loner
3. It's Late
4. Reaction *
5. Turn Me On
6. Mirror
7. State Of Rock
8. Don't Let Them Die
9. Douglas Reprise *

* extra tracks

Cornelius — Vocals
Tony J. Conta — Guitars
Alex Douglas — Bass
Eliot Douglas — Drums
Chris Harris — Keyboards

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Anonymous said...

Dig your blog. Thought you'd be interested that Eric Martin (aka Mr. Vocalist) new solo record, previously available only in Japan, is coming to America this November. Check out an interview with Eric here ( and the music video here ( Feel free to re-post on any blogs if you like.

Anonymous said...

the next soundtrack compilation please


The Bighooks it's right about Douglas...
look in these sites...
I'm wright about Greek band Douglas, here... thanks.

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Anonymous said...

This band was greek. Cornelius is NOT Klaus Lulley. Check this video and tell me if you see the same person...

Even the voice is different...

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this, I love this kind of stuff. You're right, can't find this album anywhere online.

Anonymous said...

could you post this again updated?