Monday, October 05, 2009

BOMBAY (USA) - Bombay MiniLP (1984)

BOMBAY gets life from FORTNOX and ZIGGURAT members,
two interesting early 80's pomp-rock bands.
The idea was to break into the growing AOR - Melodic rock wave of those years.

The five tracks of this miniLP follow that line, in the vein of WHITE SISTER, BOOTCAMP and the rockin' side of DAKOTA.
Straight rockers with prominent guitars, good synths and correct vocals.
This was an indie release, but pretty well produced by the expert englishman Eddie Offord (Emerson Lake and Palmer, YES).
The disc won an MTV award for promotion, but
the project was disbanded soon after, this is their one and only recording.

01 - Don't Say These Things
02 - She Can't Behave
03 - Your Gone
04 - On Your Knees
05 - Rumble Tonight

Rick Fowler - Guitar, Backup Vocals
Russell Daniel - Drums, Backup Vocals
Joel Shipp - Vocals, Bass Guitar

BOMBAY (USA) MiniLP (1984)


Upcoming Rock said...

I never saw the Bombay's shows but eager to rock with It's road shows.This band famous for hit the shows with modern rock music.