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AOR TREASURES - The Soundtracks Vol.7

Another one, with some pretty good rarities.
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01 - Dennis Churchill - Crossing Over [Crystal Heart]WHITE SISTER's vocalist, bassist and composer (one of the most unjustly underrated AOR bands in history), performs a track full of magic, keyboards and thrill of 80's films. Exclusively for this movie.
02 - Kevin Chalfant & Satriani - Hold On To The Vision [No Retreat No Surrender]The great Chalfant, accompanied here by a then unknown Joe Satriani, a legendary song that was sought after by collectors for ages. Killer tune with all the punch and vibe of those years. Excellent.
03 - Double Dealer - Freedom [New Faces TV Show]
Canadian band that got its chance in this 'new talent TV show', winning a prize with this stunning song. A couple of years later they were able to release a full lengh album but did not have great promotion. HARDLINE fans will love this tune.
04 - Lessmann / Ziller (Bonfire) - Charlie und Luise [Charlie Und Luise]
Maybe you are wondering who these artists are. Clauss Lessmann and Hans Ziller are none other than BONFIRE's guitarist and vocalist, whom in '93 released an album as a duo (by the way, a very good one). Also, they recorded the 'Charlie and Luise' movie main theme, only released as single in their homeland. Delicious.

05 - David Glen Eisley - Sweet Victory [SpongeBob]
The unmistakable former GIUFFRIA's voice, with his trademak, power and emotion. Curious pick for a child's cartoon episode... Not included in the official soundtrack album, nor in any David solo.

06 - Ann Wilson - The Best Man In The World [Golden Child]
The great voice of HEART, song composed with her sister Nancy and talented arranger John Barry. Exclusive to this OST.

07 - Scott Grimes - Young & Wise [ER TV series]
Grimes, musician and actor, is part of the ER tv series cast since 2003. He penned a song for an episode. Great songwriting and emotive lyrics. Chilling Grime's performance, alone with his piano. Never was published in any format.

08 - George S. Clinton & Lisa Kauppi - The Cobra Strikes [American Ninja 3]
All terrain score composer, Clinton was encouraged to sing himself American Ninja's 3 central theme, and the truth is that he did a good job, but the big deal here its the song itself, with everything you look for in an 80's action movie track. Great.

09 - Ray Stevens - Cat's Eye [Cat's Eye]
Horror genre cult film, this is the main theme, pretty unknown, despite having all the ingredients to be a classic. Cliché what? I love the 80's!

10 - Marietta - Thunder & Lightning [Fire, Ice & Dynamite]
Another great track from this great OST, catchy uptempo with very good guitars and nice keyboards. Exclusive to this movie.

11 - Gregg Tripp - I Don't Want To Live Without You [Kuffs]
Climatic song, had considerable radio airplay (at least at this side of the globe) when came out, and faded away. In the best THE SYNCH and REO Speedwagon tradition. Magnificent.

12 - Tony Carey - All In The Family [Der Joker]
The prolific Tony contributing several songs to the Der Joker flick, filmed and distributed only in Germany. This is one of them, classic Carey hallmark.

13 - Harold Faltermeyer (feat. Keith Forsey) - Bad Guys [Beverly Hills Cop 2]
Faltermeyer, another score monster, here with the depth and incredible voice of KEITH FORSEY (also great drummer and countless soundtrack producer), a song that did not ended in the official OST, but can be heard several times in the film. I love this song. A how-to studio recording lesson, perfect production.

14 - Peter Beckett - Jenny [Where The Boys Are '84]
Sir Beckett, singing, composing and producing this classic sound AOR piece, only released on vinyl. Exclusive to this soundtrack.

15 - Rick Springfield - Desperate Lives [Desperate Lives TV Movie]
Rick wrote and play the incidental music for this television only film. Also, the title track, with interesting lyrics that fits the screenplay perfectly. A fan club only release, very rare.

16 - Phoebe Cates - How Do I Let You Know [Private School]
It's not the eighth wonder in the songwriting world, but this track has all the lightness and freshness... Remember Phoebe? She was so lovely, we can pardon her limited skills singing...

17 - John Parr - The Minute I Saw You [3 Men And A Baby]
You know what to expect from a Parr tune. This is not the exception. A real good one. As far as I know, this song never was released. Heard twice during the movie. VHS-rip, stereo, good sound.

18 - Racer - For You [Lovelines]
Another film that has no soundtrack released. Amazing, since this is a musical movie, a band competition. This is my favorite song (although all are good), with a great chorus. Also Ripped from VHS, stereo.

19 - Alph Lyla & Yuji Toriyama - Hearts Of Fire (Ryu Theme) [Street Fighter 2]
The anime series have always been characterized by its great music. I chose this from Street Fighter II, which I think is the best of 'em. Fantastic melody and arrangements. VAI & SATRIANI fans, pay attention to this excellent playing.

As usual, + 70 min, vbr, artwork.
Most tracks are vinyl-only release and very rare, all were decrackled and declicked to get the best quality possible.

AOR TREASURES - The Soundtracks Vol.7



TrueIndio said...

Thanks so much , your Soundtracks compilations are awesome dude ! I hope that you make more and more , Great music , great covers , great , great !! , thanks again , very very much

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Can you please post the first 2 AOR Treasures again ??

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Thnx guys and gals
U R welcome...

AOR TREASURES - The Soundtracks

Nick said...

Awesome work as always, your custom AOR compilations rule all!

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Awesome post. Could you please uplaod this gem again. Unfortunately the link has been blocked. Thanx a lot.

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yeah you did it again !! great post sir, I would advise you to use or because they post the link to many file sharing sites so it doesn't expire that fast and leaves you an option which system to use.

i hooked up a couple people on your site everybody thinks it's amazing ! so do I

TrueIndio said...

Hi Camelblue , I recommended to you , the song "Push it to the limit" from Scarface Ost , and "Mighty Wings" From Top Gun ost , check if you dont know it ... bye , and thanks for your Work !! I apreciate very much , and sorry for my bad english ... :-)

Anonymous said...

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Barry said...

The theme song from Cat's Eye!!! Amazing!!! I've been looking for that one for years, ever since I heard it in the closing credits of the movie! :)

And you just can't go wrong with Ann Wilson's "Best Man In The World". That one should've really been a bigger hit.

Awesome post. I don't know HOW you manage to come up with this stuff, but as a fan of 80's soundtracks... THANK YOU!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi, these compilations are indeed nothing short of awesome. I absolutely love listening to them again and again.

Thanks also for sharing so much great music through your webpage. Much appreciated!

Anonymous said...

You are the undisputed king when it comes to AOR Soundtracks. These are all awesome and I thank you so much for taking the time to put these collections together.


Anonymous said...

Fantastic compilation with very rare tracks !!! Great work Camelblue !!! The track with Kevin Chalfant is a super AOR song !

please can you send me a message from the VALHALLA board ?

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Anonymous said...

Fantastic new edition of your serie.
A must for old AOR fan like me.

This volume make my week end ^^

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These Soundtracks are faboulous.
Playing them in my car om my way to work.. Makes the whole day !!
Keep It Up!

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Anonymous said...

Awesome work as always! Would love to have a good copy of the track Quiet Cool (plays during the credits) to the 1986 James Remar, Nick Cassevettes film "Quiet Cool"...if you haven't heard it, you're missing out guys!

camelblue said...

I would love to have a good copy of the track Quiet Cool too!
Never released, only featured in the movie...and you know what? Original movie has mono sound. A shame.
I've ripped the song anyway...

Barry said...

That Harold Faltermeyer song is kicking my ass. I can't believe it wasn't included on the soundtrack. Great song!

Here's a couple movie theme songs I've lucked into. 80's fanatics may have them already but sound quality is quite good...

Cheap Trick - Up The Creek

The Truth - It's Hidden (theme from The Hidden)

camelblue said...

Excellent Barry.
That's the way I like it. Interactive people.
Submit your own tracks, not matter if doesn' sound perferct.

I was planning to include in future compilations the other THE TRUTH song in that movie, 'Weapons of Love'.
FYI guys, the CHEAP TRICK tune is the main theme of the same title movie, 1984.
Both rare tracks, so thanks Barry.
Keep them coming!

Anonymous said...

Awesome work as always. I love your compilations. Many thanks for fantastic work.

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Barry said...

I did some Google searching and found a good quality mp3 of "Quiet Cool". It's taken from a bootleg Freddy comp - The Lost Hits of Elm Street (the song was used in Nightmare 3 too, apparently)...

rapidshare link

First time I've ever heard this song. Awesome 80's! Thanks to anonymous for recommending it! :)

A Fan said...

Just repeating what all those before me have said...BEST COMPILATIONS ON THE NET!!!

Looking forward to the next instalment mate

Anonymous said...

Thanks! I'm waiting for this song "Eric Barnett - My Brother's Eyes (Kickboxer 2 - The Road Back - Original Soundtrack)" in the next update!

Anonymous said...

This is how it sounds:

Anonymous said...

Also this by Bill Wray - No Mercy:

Anonymous said...

Thanks Barry for this: The Truth - It's Hidden (theme from The Hidden)

I recently remembered it.

Anonymous said...

Although Barry, you let camelblue tutor you how to make a good quality mp3 of the song!

Anonymous said...


ASS.: jon bruce

tax said...

I really love your AOR treasures. Remind me so much of the good ol 80s and the great movies they made back then.

Much thanks, keep on doin!

Barry said...

One last request - I would love to get an mp3 of Loverboy's "Nothin's Gonna Stop You Now" from the Olympic Games soundtrack! :)

I remember hearing this song once back in 1984. Good song too, as I recall!

camelblue said...

OK Barry.
Loverboy's "Nothin's Gonna Stop You Now" from the Olympic Games soundtrack coming up in the next comp!

José Claudio said...

What a delicious collection! Thanks a lot, my friend. Best regards.

Shaman said...

@ Barry thanks 4 the "Hidden" by The Truth, do You have rest of the songs from this soundtrack?

Anonymous said...

i'm desperately searching for "no mercy" by bill wray.....anyone can help me?

camelblue said...

Sadly, you never gonna find it...
LIONHEART's soundtrack never was released (only the score).
"No Mercy" (awesome song)remains unreleased.
I have the track (movie rip), but has a lot SFX.
A pity.

Anonymous said...

thank you for your answer,'re's a pity...anyway...Keep up the good work!your blog is awesome..thanx again and greetings from italy..Alan.

Freeman said...

Thank you from Thailand.

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Freeman said...

I'm so sorry for bothering your time to re-upload it.

And thank you for your kindness very much.

Realy impressed in your AOR treasure collections.

Allan said...

Eu tenho a música "For You" gravada por um tal de Carlo Imperato. Nunca ouvi falar nesse cantor, mas fica o registro de que esta música chegou a ser gravada sim.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for Jenny

Anonymous said...

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