Thursday, February 26, 2009

FRONTLINE - Against The World (2002)

Just realized that surprisingly I've never posted any FRONTLINE albums.
A big mistake, as they have been and are one of the best groups in the scene.
Long time not listening to this album, and its one of those that must be played again and again.
Great production, excellent songwriting and perfectly executed.
'My Destiny' is my fav, pure 80's AOR vibe, brillant keyboards.
''I Don't Know' its a melodic rock rocket, close to perfection.
The absolute outstanding mid-tempo 'A Man With A Broken Heart' grabs in your head forever.
'Don't Break My Pride' and 'One Night', other highlights.
You can hardly find any filler here, all tracks are killers.
Hard to find CD.

If you like it, try to find it and buy a copy, worth every cent...

1. Against the World
2. My Destiny
3. Lightning Eyes
4. Time Stood Still
5. I Don't Know
6. Man With a Broken Heart
7. One Night
8. You Should Know Me
9. Don't Break My Pride
10. Change His Life

Stephan Kaemmerer: lead and backing vocals
Robby Boebel: guitars, keyboards, programming
Thomas Bauer: bass
Rami Ali: drums

FRONTLINE - Against The World


Anonymous said...

One of my favourites albums , Almost Prefect !!

Anonymous said...

Sweet post would like to see more from these guys on your site thank you.

Anonymous said...

Here is the link for:
Stephen Kaemmerer-Revoultion EP

Will have the Frontline up shortly.

Anonymous said...

Here is the Frontline-Bonus Tracks and Unreleased:

Anonymous said...

Hello my Friend, I am a huge fan of FRONTLINE, too!!!

I just made myself a Frontline iPod Mix for a long train journey the other day...

"I don't know" is also one of my favourite tracks!!!! It is such a shame they never playel live, they where a studio band only :-(

Loads of rockin' greetings from Germany,


Nikki said...

Could you reupload this one, please?
Best regards,

Camelblue said...


Nikki said...

Thank you very much!!!! I like this band a lot.


Nikki said...

My favorite ones are "Lightning Eyes" (!!!), "I Don't Know" and "Man With a Broken Heart"!

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot mate.
S from Greece

Herz said...

Wonderful and excellent album, this album is perfct catchy song, great chorus, perfect strong riff !!!!
I dont Know my perfect song!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I love your blog, is excellent!!!!
Thaks for posting and sharing this amazing album!!!

Greetings from México.

Rocker fanatic girl

Man said...

Sweet post would like to see more from these guys on your site thank you.