Monday, December 05, 2016

LION (USA Pomp) - Lion (1982)

LION (USA Pomp) - Lion (1982) front
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It's time for some Pomp-AOR for the soul... this LION from Washington state, released this unknown and very good private LP of Pompy AOR in 1982, clearly influenced by Styx. But musically they go forward and some songs are really uptempo, full of analog keyboards (I mean A Lot), and elaborated guitar solos.

There's two vocalists (Kurt Hansen [R.I.P.] would later sing on Head East cult classic album 'Choice Of Weapons') spanning multi-part harmony vocals and layered choruses.
All tunes are goodies, but my pick is last track 'Time Won't Wait' featuring an over a minute flaming guitar solo.

LION (USA Pomp) - Lion (1982) back

If you're still wondering what is 'Pomp Rock', listen this little gem: you have keyboard / guitar duel galore, hyped up vocals and swirling analog keyboard effects. That's it.
Styx, Roadmaster, Head East, Ziggurat and why not, New England fans, must have this one. And aficionados of early '80s AOR variants will rejoice as well
Very good vinyl rip cleaned by myself.

01. On The Run
02. Over Your Shoulder
03. The Palace
04. Send Up A Rainbow
05. Queen Of The Forest
06. Where You Are
07. Waters Waiting
08. Time Won't Wait

Kurt David Hansen - lead vocals, bass
Kevin Wakefield - lead vocals, keyboards
Gary Hanson - guitars, vocals
Alan Clark - guitars
Rick Wakefield - drums, percussion

LION (USA Pomp) - Lion (1982)


Handy said...

i like that so much

Janne Stark said...

This is awesome!!! It was actually re-issued by Retrospect several years ago, but is since long deleted. Wonder how I could have missed this one! If Retrospect re-issues it I'll definitely buy a copy!

Camelblue said...

@ Janne:

Really? Didn't know this one was reissued.
Thanx for the tip, gotta hunt a CD copy!

T.P said...

If I remember rightly, then I've became aware of this cool record in 2010 already, "while it was still hot", so to say, right at this unique place when my new born passion for AOR was in the process of flaring up! Thus, track No.3, The Place was a more than well-received guest with its driving rhythm combination of guitar, drums plus bass within the verse section (and fine keyboard strings later). Highlighted by a voice which actually sounds beautiful enough to die for, that song never stopped impressing me with its smooth vibes and therefore remains as my steady musical companion until today.

Bye for now,

Toni Ucci said...

No @Janne, you r makin confusion. Retrospect did NOT reissue this Lion but another band called Lion featuring the late Gary "gone too" Farr who had an album on A&M in 1980.