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IN 3-D - Barrage (1987)

IN 3-D - Barrage (1987) front
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Hailing from Waukegan, IL, IN 3-D was a fleeting band from the mid-Eighties which anyway managed to release two LP's. They were part of the fruitful American CCM movement from the era aiming for non-secular exposure mixing rock&pop melodies with the typical '80s clean Lite-AOR sound.

"Barrage" was their second an final album before split. IN 3-D was often compared in some ways to The Police due the strong bass-guitar presence, but musically on this album there's a lot guitar riffs, keyboard flourishes and song skeletons more in common with Lite AOR.

Songwriting is mature, at places pretty elaborated for a band of this musical ilk still retaining catchiness. Some tracks aren't exactly my cup of tea in style, but overall you can file "Barrage" as a Lite AOR effort.
'Some Other Day', title track 'Barrage' and 'Holding On' are really fine tunes, with compelling arrangements and production.

IN 3-D - Barrage (1987) back

Very rare CD and quite hard to track down (plus very expensive) this is the European Edition of "Barrage" appeared via a small indie company with a slightly different artwork.

01 - Now You Did It
02 - Barrage
03 - Too Much To Lose
04 - Some Other Day
05 - Anytime
06 - Holdin' On
07 - Love Will Find A Way
08 - Face To Face
09 - Love Is Lost
10 - Dunga Dunk
11 - Final Fire

James Neave - Vocals, Bass
Nail - Keyboards, Guitar
Randy Kerkman - Guitar
David Geer - Drums, Percussion

IN 3-D - Barrage (1987)


T.P said...

It's a fine thing to see the not so widely known IN-3D being introduced to a broader target audience (including me) by not only giving us the chance of listening to their pretty sound, but also cominig up with a more than appropriate little review which is definitely a pleasure to read. Otherwise I would have missed a lot of interesting background info on this band for certain. Thanks, Camelblue!

Bye for now,

Anonymous said...

I think the other album is more rock oriented. Any chance of make a post of it? Thank you, once again...


Anonymous said...

Nice and rare stuff,thanks!