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TIM MOORE - Flash Forward [Japanese Ltd Edition remastered] (1984)

TIM MOORE - Flash Forward [Japanese Ltd Edition remastered] (1984) front
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Philadelphia-based songwriter, musician and singer TIM MOORE released five solo albums and in-between was part of various bands and worked as session multi-instrumentalist. Several of his penned songs were successful singles for other artists.
Moore's first record was produced by Nick Jameson (which very nice solo album was featured on this blog), then his second effort included what remains his best-known song in the US, 'Rock and Roll Love Letter', a hit for the Bay City Rollers a year later. Moore's guitar work on the song got the attention of Rolling Stones' guitarist Keith Richards, and since then the two became friends and collaborators.

Despite of being signed by L.A. based Asylum Records, Moore didn't record in California until his third album, featuring the likes of Jeff Porcaro, Michael McDonald, David Foster and the Eagles Timothy B. Schmit as session musicians, among others.
All these albums received very good reviews but failed to chart and Moore concentrated in songwriting, achieving success in hands of other performers.

However, in 1984, Tim Moore recorded this "Flash Forward", entirely performed by himself layering guitar, keyboard, bass, keyboards, drums and programming, even the backing vocals alongside the lead.
Produced by Blondie engineer, Rob Freeman, the album scored a moderated single in the US, but for the first time, Moore found success outside North America when the ballad 'Yes' was used in a Brazilian soap opera. The single went straight to #1 for three months and Moore toured all over Brazil.

Musically, this is pure middle-Eighties rock&pop with elaborated arrangements and delicate vocals from Moore. There's a new version of 'Rock and Roll Love Letter' with a true '80s sound, the aforementioned ballad 'Yes', a great midtempo in the AORish 'Body And Soul' with a sound akin Canadian bands of the era, and a very cool keyboard filled tune in the radio-ready 'Surrender'.

TIM MOORE - Flash Forward [Japanese Ltd Edition remastered] (1984) back

"Flash Forward" is a quite unknown and nice '80s product, very well recorded & produced.
This is, as far I know, the only reissue of the album appeared in Japan on a mini-LP replica / Paper Sleeve, remastered. It was a Limited Edition - now out of print - including as bonus track a remixed version of 'Yes'.
Very rare.

01 - Let's Get Activated
02 - Yes
03 - Body And Soul
04 - I'll Find A Way
05 - Anything And Everything
06 - Rock & Roll Love Letter
07 - Surrender
08 - Telepath
09 - Theodora
10 - Get It Outta My System
11 - Yes (Brazilian Machine Version) [Japan bonus]

Tim Moore: all Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Keys, Synths, Drums, Programming

TIM MOORE Flash Forward (1984)


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When I'm reading of all those impressive names with whom versatile Tim Moore got musically involved over the years, it really says something about his quite remarkably colourful career. And since I like what I have listened to so far, I take your post as a welcome opportunity to let this creative "jack of all trades" take musical effect on me with his latest record to date, the herein featured Flash Forward. Furthermore, I'd like to emphasize its LP cover, which I also regard as a felicitous work - the thereon appearing protagonist seems to have been portrayed in his best light as well as the popping title letterings; while the unique colour scheme- and shading treatment does the rest to make this record sleeve a visually stylish contemporary document for the inclined 1980s' aficionado.

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