Monday, May 03, 2010

CHOICE - Choice Cuts (1980)

Requested in "Request & Fill Corner" section...

Never heard this record until a reader requested this rarity in the 'R & F' section.
Seems "CHOICE" was a popular band in the U.S. south east area.
In 1980, the group recorded and released their only album, 'Choice Cuts', for an indie label in association with Polydor Records.

I don't like much the first 2 tracks (the singles of this album), obviously an attempt to conquer the radio waves. Not bad, just not enough good to me.
But things are getting better with 'The Letter', and even more with 'Annie D', old school song but well crafted and performed.
The best song here arrives on 'I've Got My Mind On Ruby', the structure has an inkling of Franke And The Knockouts in the mix.
Same with 'Your Eyes', also with a flavor similar to the band MPG.
'Take Me Down' is a mid-tempo with some nice guitar work, while 'For You' sounds outdated but radio-friendly.

Correctly produced & recorded by Bruce Blackman at the famed 'Studio One', Doraville, Georgia.
The band eventually broke up a short time after releasing the album, and this vinyl became a collectible item.
Not essential, but a good and rare oldie.
Vinyl-rip de-crackled & de-clicked to get the best quality possible.

01 - Rock & Roll Rocket
02 - Some People
03 - The Letter
04 - Annie D
05 - I've Got My Mind On Ruby
06 - Your Eyes
07 - Take Me Down
08 - Pretty Thing
09 - For You

Paul Roethlinger: Lead Vocals, Guitar
Brian Bartlett: Lead & Acoustic Guitars, Vocals
Dave Miller: Bass, Backing Vocals
Bruce Dreher: Lead Vocals and Hammond B3
Mark Paxson: Lead Vocals and Keyboards
Steve Fecker: Drums & Percussion



RODAS said...

Hi aor fans!!
Once again thank you for sharing this album a lost gem.. Keep the rock alive guys.. :]

Anonymous said...

Wonderful band. After 30+ years am so glad to have found their music again.

Anonymous said...

I have searched high and low for a copy of this record. A rip is not as good as the real thing, but it will do to fill the void. Thank you for posting this.