Wednesday, September 29, 2010

JOURNEY - The Reissue Bonuses & More

JOURNEY Reissue Bonus

Per request, JOURNEY bonus now.
All these tracks has been released before, some in not so easy to find albums, but all released in one way or another.

"Frontiers" adds:
11 - Only The Young (Vision Quest soundtrack)
12 - Ask The Lonely (Two Of Kind soundtrack)
13 - Liberty (non album track from Time³)
14 - Only Solutions (TRON soundtrack)

"Raised On Radio" adds:
12 - Girl Can't Help It [Live Video Mix]
13 - I'll Be Alright Without You [Live Video Mix]

"Departure" adds:
13 - Natural Thing (Don't Stop Believin' b-side)
14 - Little Girl (Dream After Dream soundtrack)

"Escape" adds:
11 - La Raza Del Sol (Still They Ride b-side)
12 - Don't Stop Believin' [Live In Houston 81]
13 - Who's Cryin' Now [Live In Houston 81]
14 - Open Arms [Live In Houston 81]

"Trial By Fire" adds:
16 - I Can See It In Your Eyes (orig. Japan bonus)

Extra tracks:
12 - I'm Not That Way (Arrival Japan Version)
ARRIVAL US and SACD editions doesn't include this song. Only appeared on the Japanese edition.
14 - To Be Alive Again
This is ARRIVAL japanese bonus track.
03 - Remember Me [Extended Version] (Remember Me single)
'Remember Me' was originally written and performed as part of the soundtrack for Armageddon. It was the first song that Steve Augeri performed as the new lead singer for the band... but this is the extended version, not the one present in the OST, only appeared (as far I know) in a rare 1998 US promotional film 5-track CDsingle.

Myself made artwork:



axerock said...

Just great, as usual, you dig the most amazing goodies and share it with us. Thanks my friend.

off topic - are you still searchin' for Heads Up - The Long Shot (check your mail box at E)

Camelblue said...

@ axerock:
Glad you like it my friend.
Checking my inbox now...

troynew said...

Yet another graphic art(work) highlight. Considering a lot of license plates are made in prison and there's a significant degree of illiteracy among prison populations, I'm not surprised none of these plates manage to spell the word 'journey' correctly. ;oP

Camelblue said...

@ troynew:
Cool plates eh?

Anonymous said...

Hey CamelBlue

1 thing that you don't have in this recopilation is a rare and only demo made by Jeff Scott Soto with Journey.
The song was called Winds of Freedom.
Enjoy it


Winds of Freedom

Camelblue said...

@ Simon:
Thanks for the share!
Already got that demo but imo it does not match the other material compiled here, that's why I didn't included here.
But it's a nice add to all blog visitors.

Thanx again

DEEMON said...


César said...

Hey man, the link is dead, can u please upload it again?

Thanks a lot for this great great blog.

Camelblue said...

new link coming up soon!

César said...


Looking forward, what a great work u made with this compilation, some of those songs are very hard to find.

Elizabeth said...

@ troynew: hahaha Cool plates eh?

TCS said...

the new link is just for premium users i guess. Can you re-up this please.
Thanks so much