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SOJOURN - Lookin' For More [reissue+bonus] (1985)

SOJOURN Lookin' For More reissue + bonus
Coming from Utah, a US state that scarcely makes a blip on the melodic rock radar, SOJOURN was formed in the earlier '80s by guitarist Doug Robinson.
The band soon built up a strong local following, even winning a radio station sponsored 'Battle of the Bands' contest, and quickly set about recording a serie of demos.
By the end of 1984 they sign a deal with a regional label. The recording of their debut "Lookin' For More" speedily took place on a local studio.
Initially the album was released solely on tape in November 1985, but with provincial sales under their belts a vinyl version followed in March of the next year.

Sojourn in many ways sounded like a development of the classic major bands of that era, playing friendly melodic rock with strong AOR / Pomp influences.
"Lookin' For More" is full of good riffs, high doses of keyboards and cool songwriting.
Ranging from crisp rockers like "We Were So Young" or the opening title track, pomp anthems as "Healing Wings" & the midtempo "Holding On To You" to classy AOR gems like "I've Been Runnin' " and the absolute winner "Lives Upon The Shore", this short album is a delight to the ears.

In 2007 "Lookin' For More" was remastered & reissued in small quantities with the addition of the previously unreleased demo recordings '82-'84 and some discarded tracks from the debut sessions. Surely many of these didn't ended into the debut due the cassettes' lack of physical space.
The sound and style is a bit hard edged and unpolished, featuring more guitar solos.

This album is highly rated amongst classic AOR collectors and was much sought after for many years.
Here it is for you in all its glory at maximum quality including artwork.
Out Of Print.

01 - Lookin' for more
02 - Blame it on MTV
03 - Healing wings
04 - Lives upon the shore
05 - The sun back home
06 - Holding on to you
07 - We were so young
08 - I've been runnin'
09 - Heartache runaway
10 - Pick up the pieces
11 - I could love you more
12 - Ceilo bay
13 - When my ship comes in
14 - I'll be there
15 - Lost you in the wind
16 - I still need you
17 - Straight on
18 - Two strikes

Kevin Bullock - Vocals, Keyboards, Guitar
Doug Robinson - Guitar
Sam Cardon - Keyboards
Dane Spencer - Bass
Doug Pectol - Drums



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Thanks. Never heard of 'em but I trust your taste especially after the AOR comps you put together. Inspired me to put one together of my own. -jrsfarm-

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You're welcome

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