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LISA HARTMAN - 'Til My Heart Stops (1988)

LISA HARTMAN - 'Til My Heart Stops (1988)
Now we have here a super slice of female '80s AOR.
" ’Til My Heart Stops" is one of the best (if not the Best) produced records in this style ever.
Call it rock&pop, lite AOR, melodic synth rock, but definitively it's eighties AOR, classy, yes, but really modern production-wise and still sound magnificent today.

The distinctive and good thing about this album are the guitars upfront in the mix. And of course, Lisa's great vocals that reminds me Patty Smyth (Scandal).
We can hear as well similarities to Robin Beck, Liza Nemzo and why not, Heart.
Brilliantly produced by not other than Bill Wray (check his solo album posted few days ago in this blog), " ’Til My Heart Stops" has punch and a crisp sound.

The opening keyboard lines of the first track "Tempt Me (If You Want To)" are to die for. This is '80s people. You only can get a song like this on an album recorded in that era. The guitars (master Michael Landau) are from outer space. Killer chorus and power performance by Lisa. This single was included later on the 'Navy Seals' soundtrack.
"I Don't Need Love" is a terrific commercial midtempo followed by the radiable "Ooh, I'm Satisfied".
Then another gem; "I Can't Get You Out Of My System". In crescendo magical AOR with extra-compressed drums. Magical.
Quirky keyboards ornament "Tender Kiss", a track with a monster rhythm guitar work and one of the most seasoned performances by Hartman.

"The Dress" is another winner. A charming soft melodic rocker penned by cult aorster James House.
"How Many Rivers" is slow and climatic. Here Lisa sound like Luba, that's not a surprise because this song is written by her together with Bill Wray. I love the bridge before the short guitar solo here.
"Imagination" is the only track that sounds pretty retro, circa 1983. Synth bass and programmed drums on a 'Flashdance' style tune.
"'Til My Heart Stops Beating" is 'one of those' ballads. Really good vocals and arrangements ready for FM stations.

You must have this album: great tunes, strong vocals and superb session musicians (check personnel). It's a perfect product of its time.
This is unfortunately her last recording before she got married and decided to quit the business.
But what a great one it is.
A Must Have Classic.

1 - Tempt Me (If You Want To)
2 - I Don't Need Love
3 - Ooh, I'm Satisfied
4 - I Can't Get You Out Of My System
5 - Tender Kiss
6 - The Dress
7 - How Many Rivers
8 - Imagination
9 - 'Till My Heart Stops Beating

Lisa Hartman - Lead & Background Vocals
Michael Landau - Guitar (1-4, 6, 8, 9)
Trevor Rabin - Acoustic Guitar Solo (2)
Waddy Wachtel - Guitar (6, 7); Guitar Solo (6)
Larry Klein - Bass, Keyboards, Fairlight
Phil Brown - Bass, Guitar, Background Vocals
Steve Goldstein - Linn Programming, Keyboards, Bass
Mick Guzauski, Manu Katche - Percussion
Craig Krampf - Drum over-dubs
Kevin Raleigh - Background Vocals (4)
Timothy Schmidt - Background Vocals (8)
The Waters - Background Vocals (7)
Bill Wray - Producer, Background vocals (5, 7)



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troynew said...

Why is it that reissue labels insist on releasing stuff that once took me years and an arm and a leg to obtain, but never what I still need? :oS
As a result the resale value of my once cherished collector's items has plummeted like a thrillseeker on a Six Flags rollercoaster ride who is ever so slightly over the hill and going 'round the bend at breakneck speed. (Either that or a Dutch mountaineer who has checked out a German instruction video on scaling the Matterhorn and gravely misunderstood the meaning of the word 'klettern').
I'd sue every last one of them for damages if I thought it would do any good... >:o(
Aside from that, still one of the greatest AOR(-ish) female solo albums known to man, woman or alien-human hybrid, sounding farm fresh as a free range spring chicken that has gone home to roost i.e. far from dated.
PS: Any more of my EP requests to follow or have you run out of steam on that one?

Camelblue said...

@ Troynew:
Your requested EP's are in the audio restoring stage.
Coming up soon.

Unknown said...

The link is dead. Could someone upload again please?

Camelblue said...