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ROBBIE PATTON - Orders From Headquarters (1982)

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English singer/songwriter Robbie Patton received his break when he toured as a special guest of Fleetwood Mac.

The relationship doen't end there, as many members of the Mac's contributed on Patton's debut album, and here, on his second "Orders From Headquarters" as well.

Recorded in America, the disc has a truly USA radio AOR sound.
Opener "Victim Of Your Love" is filled with catchy candy-floss keyboards and really good guitars. Patton's vocals reminds me Robert Berry here when he used to be the singer of Hush.
Follower "Louise" is another terrific commercial upbeat AOR tune with swirling keyboards and a melodic, contagious chorus. If you don't like this track you don't like AOR at all.

The midtempo "Lonely Nights" only could be recorded in the eighties, the atmosphere, the vibe, it's all there. All the songs on this album are firmly back-boned by an excellent guitar work by Joey Brasler (Cher), on this track and the next, the hot rocker "Feel The Flow", is particularly great.
Title track has interesting twists in the song structure. A fat bass line, cool keys and a sumptuous guitar solo.
"Tell Me Goodbye" includes some vintage keyboards and a strong rhythm guitar, again reminding me Robert Berry, and why not, Rick Springfield.
"Smiling Islands" was the single, co-written and performed together with Fleetwood Mac's Stevie Nicks. Nice and slow melodic song.

"Orders From Headquarters" includes some very good and commercial AOR tracks, the kind I love and really enjoy. 'Side A' is stronger musically speaking, but all the disc is melodic end enjoyable.
Finally, this album was released for the first time on CD last year, but I am very happy with this vinyl rip, cleaned and restored by me.

01 - Victim Of Your Love
02 - Louise
03 - It's Your Heart
04 - Lonely Nights
05 - Feel The Flow
06 - Orders From Headquarters
07 - Tell Me Goodbye
08 - Smiling Islands (duet with Stevie Nicks)
09 - All Because Of You
10 - Look Away

Robbie Patton - lead vocals
Joey Brasler - guitars
David Adelstein - keyboards
Robin Sylvester - bass
Kirk Arthur - drums
Alex Acuna - percussion
Kurt Howell, Christine McVie, Stevie Nicks, Timothy B Schmit - backing vocals



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