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During the past 30 years, guitar player Scott Rolaf has been influenced by quite a few Classic Rock artists, particularly Jimmy Page and Ritchie Blackmore. He has written and performed with various bands and artists such as the legendary Leslie West and two-time Grammy winner Muzz Skillings (Living Colour founder), to name a few.
Scott has written various music scores for film and TV and produced over 100 commercials viewed on national television for top-named companies such as Coors Light, Remi Martin, Perrier Water, and Comp USA. During the late 1990's, he had a successful Radio Show heard on WNTV, The Scott Rolaf Show, which had over one million listeners.

Today, we are here talking about him because a new super group has formed around Rolaf.
The band consists of Scott Rolaf on guitars, Joe Lynn Turner on vocals, Muzz Skillings on bass, splitting the snapping of the skins are Thom Suntag and Paul Ciraolo, and rounding it up with the Hammond Organ and Synths we have Jack Ciraolo.
Rolaf says; " This line-up is absolutely incredible! And it's a dream come true to have Joe Lynn Turner as the singer. I was growing up listening to Deep Purple and Rainbow and sharing stories about him with my friends as a kid.
And now, to co-write and headline with him, one of the top vocalists of all time and a true legend, is just a dream come true. "

" With Muzz Skillings, I've been writing, recording and playing with for the last 14 years. He is the best bass player I have ever played with. He has a very unique style in and of his own. He is very versatile as well.
Muzz plays a great acoustic guitar, and is an excellent vocalist. I love the uniqueness of this group of guys. "

The result is "Light Of Day", also known as Rolaf-Turner Project, a really fantastic collection of songs in the best '80s tradition, MR / AOR rockin' tunes full of magic.
This is among the best material performed by Turner since the eighties. Truly.
The vintage hard rock flavor of "Spinnin' Round", the awesome melodic rocker "Break The Chains", or the classy, acoustically driven "Don't Tell Me Goodbye" are real gems.

But there's much, much more.
The brilliant ballad "Lost In Love" is a highlight, the bluesy-AOR of "Broken" has tons of emotion, the melodic mid-tempo ballady of "Find My Way" shows class and emotion and "My Life" is pure melodic rock bliss.
All these tracks were finished around 2009/2010, but here is also a new 2011 track sung by David Cagle, "Throwing It All Away", a top class modern melodic rock diamond, and an instrumental; "Northern Lights" where Rolaf shows how good is with the 6 strings, clearly influenced by Leslie West and Jimmy Page.

Mr. Scott Rolaf, is a perfect example of the many smaller rungs it takes to climb that ladder of recognition. Almost a silent resource for the major leagues, the dictionary will spell out the definition of endurance, patience and technical skills as only Scott Rolaf can.
With the force of Joe Lynn Turner and Muzz Skillings, they are threatening to break Scott Rolaf wide open into the deserved house hold name of arena rock. This is a band of musician's musicians.
The "Light Of Day" is starting to shine, and I can't you recommend enough this very, very good CD. It's like a 'lost' Joe Lynn Turner album, and a statement of Scott Rolaf's talent.
Scott is offering this album for promotion, in fact, it was sent to me by himself.
Enjoy And Share With Everybody !!!

01 - Spinnin' Round
02 - Broken
03 - My Life
04 - Break The Chains
05 - Northern Lights (instrumental)
06 - Throwing It All Away
07 - Find My Way
08 - Don't Tell Me Goodbye
09 - Lay It On The Line
10 - Lost In Love

Joe Lynn Turner : Lead Vocals
Scott Rolaf : Electric & Acoustic Guitars
Muzz Skillings : 5 String Bass
Jack Ciraolo : Keybords, Hammond Organ
Thom Suntag, Paul Ciraolo : Drums
David Cagle : Vocals (6)



Miguel Angel said...

Muy muy bueno, me ha gustado mucho. A ver si tienen suerte y alguien les firma, lo merece. Entra muy bién.

Muchas graciaspor compartirlo

Hughes said...

Awesome stuff!!!

Dr. Rock said...

Ex-Rainbow and Deep Purple Vocalist Joe Lynn Turner writes “open letter” to fans and the media:

Dear Fans and Media Friends,
“I am aware of a compilation of unfinished demo songs that was published on the Internet by an individual named Scott Rolaf. These demos were recorded in my studio about two years ago. While there was discussion of releasing some of them as part of an album for a special project, I was not happy with the way the collaboration was progressing on all levels...artistically, musically and in how it was prematurely presented online. This is why I stopped having contact with Scott Rolaf. We were at odds, however, he continued to pretend on the social media sites that we were still friends and that this project was moving forward. This was an outright lie.”
“I never had confirmed plans for this album to be released but Rolaf took it upon himself to publish a website and other social media sites (i.e. Reverbnation, etc.) without getting prior approval from me. This misled my fans, members of my street team and several reputable media outlets. I have since severed my professional and personal relationship with Scott Rolaf permanently.”
“Scott Rolaf's recent posting of these demos for free download in the form of an “album” is unethical. I have taken legal action to protect my artistic/intellectual property and reputation. On July 21, 2011, Rolaf was served a Cease and Desist by my lawyers. Sometime around July 29, 2011, he had the audacity to post free files of these demos along with a “new” press release which he wrote. These actions are, in my opinion, nothing more than an attempt by Scott Rolaf to gain fame on my name!”
“I admit that I made the mistake of trusting Rolaf with some unfinished songwriting demos...simple ideas, incomplete performances, music, vocals, production, etc. He betrayed that trust by releasing these songs without legal or personal confirmation. This is an unscrupulous, immoral act, and, by the laws that protect artistic/intellectual property, it is criminal!”
“It is individuals who take actions, like Rolaf did who hurt and destroy the hopes and chances of thousands of honest and talented artists who want and need a helping hand to climb the ladder of success! This action is a pathetic example to the true creative people who love to write and perform music. What a stain on the heart of honest art!”
“My loyal friends and fans know of the high quality of work I have delivered throughout my career. To think that Scott Rolaf, to whom I extended my hand in friendship as well as professional trust, has betrayed me by releasing unfinished/unapproved works, is an outrage! My only hope is that you can understand this situation and realize that this is a sad event that can happen to anybody...anywhere ...regardless of position and status. Don't let it happen to you.”
Sincerely, Joe Lynn Turner.

Camelblue said...

There's some controversy on this release eh?
Here's the link to Turner's facebook page and his 'open letter;

And here's Scott Rolaf's reply (pasted below):

OK so let me start by saying Joe And Myself Went Threw this record song by song as joe made his remarks…all vocals were great he agreed no reason to re sing any of them let’s just do some cleaning up…
drums were done over…bass tracks keyboards tracks all re worked…and as joe sat and listened we all thought this record was crazy great…
his words….BROKEN IS A MONSTER…now joe goes into rock star mode saying This Was Not Approved…That’s Not True… the truth of the matter is MONEY…Or There The Lack Of… Joe Had Side Projects He Did For Hire…I Helped Him On Over A Dozen Projects…
He Said Hey Can You Help Me Out I Need The Money…His Words…I Never Took A Dime From Him And Helped When Ever He Needed It…
Our Agreement From Day One If Some Happens With These Songs It’s A 50/50 Deal…I Said That’s Cool…He was well aware that i had done movies and TV commercials And That There was a chance we could get US airplay
on a TV show…
I Had Worked hundreds of hours on this record…only for the love of the music…and could care less about the money…but hey if someone wanted to use the music in a sound track or commercial Great Drop Off Some Currency…And If That’s Was To Happen Joe Would Get His Share…
Now As Far AsThe Ass Kicking Comment He Made Goes…He May Want To Re think That Statement!!! JUST SAYIN
So Number 1.
This Is My Music My Record…My Time Spent Lots Of It…THIS RECORD IS NOT FOR SALE…I Record Joe’s Side Projects Free. For Him To Make His Money…He Sang My Songs So I Could Have A Great Record And Something To
Be proud of…if something came from it great..if not so be it…as far as my talent is concerned yes i wrote the music the lyrics the melody the hooks……and Joe sang his parts…THE ONE AND ONLY REASON JOE IS UPSET is The money…FREE OMG Now What I Have To Play DINGBATS AGAIN…
CMON Ok the bottom line is i did his stuff for free/he did mine for free EVEN FIELD…If Someone Wants To Use One Of These Songs I Will Buy Him Coffee And Have A Contract Drawn Up…NOW my little buddy sez he did not approve the ROLAF TURNER brand!!! That My Friends Is An Out Right Lie…He Went on radio splashing that name all over…he has used that name brand all over his Facebook pages and in online magazine and radio promo’s He Has Even posted and played Every one of those songs on his very own FACEBOOK page…Even Talks In His Notes… last year at this very time IN HIS WORDS AND I QUOTE…
We Should Start A company RT Productions So We Can Take On Song writing And Video projects and do it all…END QUOTE…
I Am Not Have not and will not lie…this is fact…there was never any financial contracts or verbal contracts what so ever…other then if something happens we split it 50/50… time time and more time…this upset is not about talent issues or my writing capability’s or me wanting to be joe’s shadow…i could give a rats ass about that…i enjoy writing sharing and making people
smile threw my music….MY MUSIC…
…let’s take a look at a magazine comment shall we… "This is among the best material performed byTurner since the eighties. Truly". Ok Joe??? So Let the people decide if they like this record…it’s not so bad to have what you call a DEMO be so well recievied…just imagine if we had BIG TIME PRODUCTION behind the record.

Camelblue said...


I Have Done Nothing Wrong Here These are my songs we both did an even deed…where he has even used my name on That Jan holberg record when i said do not use my name on this stuff…And God Strike Me Down If Im LYING
Joe’s Comment And I QUOTE…If im going down your going down with me…End QUOTE…and so he put it on there anyway with out my permission…where we going with all this crap….the record sounds killer…and as far as standards
are concerned remember i have a few of your solo stuff!!!!
I'm not touring/selling records/or hurting you name…personally i think this is the best you have done in a long time…and your fans deserve great stuff no ??? It’s Just A Money Thing My Lost Friend… Cause If There Was A Record Co On This You Be Yelling It All Over Town…
Joe Should try and remember that he called my house to speak with me about working together just the same as richie blackmoore had called him when he was in fandango…so we all come from somewhere my friend and we both breath the same air !!! it’s not special jlt air !!!…
So Really All This Great Music Should Not Be Shared With Fans Who Just Like Our Music…

Anonymous said...

It would have been so wise and much more mature if rants, espescially so detailed as these, did not go on line like this.

Anonymous said...

Joe is a dick fuck him