Friday, July 01, 2011

AOR TREASURES - Extended Versions 4 (The Camel's Hump)

Vol. 4 featuring some rare Scandi AOR / classic artists remixes.

Domain used to play a catchy AOR at the beginning of their career. "I Don't Wanna Die" was released as a single only, including this remix version with a lot of punch.
The extended of "Heartbreaker" from de very first album of Dare is breathtaking. In my opinion, better than the album version. Only appeared into the single as b-side, this is rip from 12'' vinyl because it has much more harmonics than the CDs. Killer track.
Another winner is "I'm Alone" by scandi aorsters Skagarack. Awesome mix with big sound and reverb.
I am not completely convinced with the compressed drum / cymbal sound of Fate's "Summerlove", but worth a listen. This maxi-remix is included as bonus in the recent reissue of the band self-titled album, but sounds terrible (I mean; horribly transferred). This is a rip from the rare 12'' vinyl, much better.

Romeo's Daughter "Heaven In The Backseat" is a pleasure to listen, heavily processed into the studio.
The single "South Africa" off Ian Gillian's '82 album 'Magic' is a nice track co-written with Bernie Marsden who also play guitar. This 12'' version is cool and quite unknown.
Thanks to plattenpapst for sent me the extended version of the classic "Playing To Win" by Little River Band. Fantastic remix with percussion at front. Very Rare.
Russ Ballard is a qualified songwriter. "Dream On" is one of my favorite tunes from his pen, and this long & modified version rocks. This song was versioned later by King Kobra with Mark Free on the mic.

"Born To Rock 'N' Roll" isn't appeared into any Cliff Richard album. It was recorded for a musical ('Time') and released as single only. This special extended is rare and unknown. Maybe you're wondering if this is a retro-'50's song. Well, not at all, this is a marvellous AOR-rocker with a killer mid-eighties style. Love it.
Charlie Sexton's classic "Don't Look Back" has a strong dancefloor process in this maxi. But includes tons of guitars reverbered to the maximum. Really good version.
There's 2 official extended versions of John Waite's "These Time Are Hard For Lovers". The 'Jellybean' is more poppy oriented (I like it) but prefer the Extended Rock Mix, which, in fact, rocks more with emphasis on the guitars and a deep fat bass.
"Don't Mean Nothing" by Richard Marx become a FM hit, but this Extended Rock Mix is the less known version of all.
I am a sucker for ZZ Top remixes. Some people argue that they're cold and too synthetic, well, I love those monster drums. The Bill Ham Extended Mix of "Velcro Fly" is pretty hard to find.

Remember, all these tracks are officially released remixes, original material performed during the recording sessions, no third hand adds or DJ work.



1980-F said...

As always a great collection and (again) my only complaint is, that I'd love to have some of the songs in lossless rather than mp3. Anyway, thank you very much - especially for Dare and the Cliff Richard tune. Absolutely unknown to me was the Gillan track, which is great, too.

Best wishes

Camelblue said...

Thanks for your kindly words mate.

mhenders said...

Wow! The Little River Band track is fantastic! Thank you!

SOFIA said...

Amazing versions! You did it once more. Thank you my dear friend!

Freeman said...

Thank from Thailand.

I'll collect every Camel's Treasures !

Diego said...

Link is broken

Anonymous said...

Link is broken ;P