Thursday, October 13, 2011

V.A. - E35, Let's Sing J-Pop In English (2008)

In upcoming posts will be featured (and briefly reviewed) many albums originally requested and fulfilled into the "Request & Fill Corner" section, but not available anymore.

Let's start with the beautiful Japan-only 3CD compilation "E35, Let's Sing J-Pop In English".
As the title indicates, these are covers of Japanese Rock&Pop hits performed (all in English language) by well known AOR / Westcoast stars.
All these songs were recorded between 1991 / 1994, only appeared in Asian V.A. albums as the 'Love Stories' series, "Goody's" and many other rarities.
Some tracks are boring (particularly the ones sung by a few unknown vocalists), that's normal in huge compilations.

But who cares when you have awesome songs never published outside Japan and performed by such luminaries as Jason Scheff, Tommy Funderburk, Joseph Williams, Peter Beckett, Bobby Kimball, Jay Graydon and many more.
Remarkable is the inclusion of one of the few songs officially published/recorded as lead vocalist by the late Warren Wiebe, a gifted singer that never got the chance to release his own solo album.

"E35: Let's Sing J-Pop In English", compiled by the specialized Japanese label Avex fetch exorbitant prices, as all imports.
Do not miss this unique opportunity...

CD 1
01 - Jason Scheff - Say Yes
02 - Ned Doheny - Suddenly (Love Story)
03 - Tommy Funderburk - Imademo Anata ga Sukidakara
04 - Joseph Williams - Get Back In Love
05 - Peter Beckett - Ai Wo Tomenaide
06 - Stephen Bishop - Donna Tokimo
07 - Milini Khan - Sekaijuu no Dareyori Kitto
08 - Rachel Ham - Overnight Sensation
09 - El DeBarge - Kimigairudakede (KomeKome Club)
10 - Jessica Sheely - You're My Only Shinin' Star
11 - Tata Vega - Seasons

E35 - 1

CD 2
01 - Joseph Williams - Dear My Friend
02 - Adrian Peritore - Get Crazy! (Princess, Princess)
03 - Richard Page - Gloria
04 - Anna McMurphy - Break Out!
05 - Gigi Worth - Kiss Me
06 - Joseph Williams - Christmas Eve
07 - Jason Scheff - Yah Yah Yah
08 - Douglas Getschall - Kanashimi Ha Yuki no Youni
09 - Kelly Keagy - Yakusokunohashi
10 - Boddy Kimball - Red Nose Reindeer
11 - Douglas Getschall - Saboten no Hana
12 - Warren Wiebe - True Love

E35 - 2

CD 3
01 - Boddy Caldwell - Answer
02 - Marilyn Martin - Tooi Machi No Dokokade
03 - Jason Scheff - You're the Only...
04 - Natalia - Time Goes By
05 - Joseph Williams - Sayonara
06 - Jay Graydon - Oasis
07 - Marilyn Martin - Tatoe Tooku Ni Hanaretetemo
08 - Joseph Williams - Doushiyoumonai Bokuni
09 - Ronnie Spector - Kazetachinu
10 - Jason Scheff - Over And Over
11 - Frank Sinatra Jr. - Departures
12 - Gino Vannelli - Still, I'm In Love With You

E35 - 3



Josh said...

Thank You for another great post!!You are awesome !!

troynew said...

I take it this is the exact same stuff you posted back in December '09 in the Req & Fill corner?
So unless you worked your magic again making it sound much better than before, I can dispense with downloading it a second time.
PS: Maybe you can look into a few of my requests that haven't been filled yet, the ones I mentioned in the comments section of the Lisa Price EP elsewhere on the main blog?

Camelblue said...

@ troynew:
Yes, it is the same, but previous links are gone and many people are lookin' for this collection. This is a 320 CDrip so the quality it's untouched.
I have not forgotten your requests my friend (Battlecry, Myron Kline, etc). All are in the queue.

Anonymous said...

There is another existing E35 compilation simply titled E35 -II. The difference is the background (and the songs too). Its now red instead of white.

Do you happen to have this album too?

Camelblue said...

Yes, I know about 'E35 II'.
Possibly one of my future purchases...

Anonymous said...

thanks for the post.

but, Part.2 is already dead.

can you reupload please :)

Camelblue said...

Part 2 updated.
All links working

Darrell said...

Hi, thanks for the great content! I'm having trouble downloading CD 1 because it requires a password and login ID. Am I just missing something?

Camelblue said...

@ Darrell: Re-uploading CD1 - Check back later

Camelblue said...

ALL links updated, May 3, 2012

Anonymous said...

Hi, is it possible to update links for CD2 and CD3 please? Thank you

Navaioh said...

yes, the link of cd3 is dead unfortunately...

melodicroads said...

Finally do you have the "E35 II" ?

Would be nice to post !!


Amós Leiva Escalante - "Amox" said...

Hi, please can you re upload CD3?