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GARNETT FORD - Postcard (1982) [1995 reissue]

GARNETT FORD - Postcard (1982) [1995 reissue]
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Garnett Ford is a Toronto singer who started his career in a band called Pinball during the '70s. Produced by Ian Thomas, Garnett released his first solo album 'Under The Influence' in 1978.

"Postcard" was his 2nd and last effort before disappearing as main artist from the music scene (he is now composing music for movies and television).

Many in-demand session musicians were part of this recording, such as the great Kim Mitchell, Bernie LaBarge or the late BB Gabor.
The overall musical style on "Postcard" is stylized Canadian rock&pop with some Lite AOR moments.
"Stay The Way" was the single (a minor hit), a really nice radiable tune.
Other goodies are the John O'Banion-like "Can't Do Without It", the aorish and catchy "Looking For You" and the Rick Springfield inspired "Live It Up".
On "When I'm Beside You" Garnett sounds as Ian Thomas (good guitars here), while the orchestrated ballad "You And I" has some westcoast touches.

Expertly produced by Paul Gross and Jack Richardson (Harlequin, Aerosmith), "Postcard" is a nice addition to any collection, specially if you like the Canadian style.
Ripped from the '95 CD reissue by the legendary German label Long Island Records, out of print.

01. Stay The Way
02. Can't Do Without You
03. Words Of Love
04. Looking For You
05. Time Won't Let Me
06. Live It Up
07. When I'm Beside You
08. Can't Slow Down
09. You And I
10. Something In Her
11. Second Chances

Vocals: Garnett Ford
Guitars: Kim Mitchell, Don Gaze, Bernie LaBarge, Sharon Lee Williams, Mike Frances
Keys: Grant Slator, Mike Konn, Dennis Keldi
Bass: Mike Konn, Dennis Finhorn
Drums: Jon Anderson, Paul Armstrong
Percussion: Leon Stevenson, Peter Appleyard
Sax: Earl Seymour
Strings: Allen MacMillan
Backing Vocals: Garnett Ford, BB Gabor, Doug Templeton, Leon Stevenson, Bernie LaBarge, Shawn Jackson, Colina Phillips,