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HAROLD FALTERMEYER - The Ultimate Collection (2007)

HAROLD FALTERMEYER - The Ultimate Collection (2007)
Session musician, composer and producer Harold Faltermeyer redefined action film scoring in the '80s.
He is recognized as the man who introduced the typical synth rock&pop sound of the glorious decade into the movies, creating a new niche in the business.

Faltermeyer's career began in 1979, playing synthesizer on Donna Summers' "Bad Girls" album along with executive producer Giorgio Moroder.
Alternating his session work as musician and arranger, he started a parallel career composing incidental music for film studios.
Harold's first big smash hit was the electronic theme for Beverly Hills Cop ('Axel F') - one of the most successful soundtracks ever - followed by 1984 'Thief Of Hearts' and 1985 'Fletch' Original SoundTracks.
But Faltermeyer always will be remembered for his work on the eighties iconic movie 'Top Gun', the best selling soundtrak in history. With 'Top Gun Anthem', won his 2nd Grammy for Best Pop Instrumental Performance with guitarist Steve Stevens.

Often imitated but never surpassed in his game, Harold's heavy synthesized style combined with bombastic electronic drums (or subtle programming when needed) become a staple in the genre.
"The Ultimate Collection" comprises his most known eighties works altogether with some pretty rare, unreleased and hard to find material, such as "Didi Der Doppelganger" or "Wake Up Musical" scores, the rare Wimbledon's "The Challenge" instrumental versions, and even the never officially released movie version of "Restless Hearts" ('The Running Man' 1987) performed by John Parr.

Not for sale, this double CD was made for promotional use only.
A collector's item, a must have for any OST fan and any true '80s sound lover.

HAROLD FALTERMEYER - The Ultimate Collection (2007) vol.1

The Ultimate Collection Vol.1

HAROLD FALTERMEYER - The Ultimate Collection (2007) vol.2

The Ultimate Collection Vol.2



adrian666 said...

Many thanks for this... the man is indeed a soundtrack legend! A genius for sure.

Any chance for upgrade to 320 kbps? ;)

Camelblue said...

@ adrian666 :
Glad you like it.
I don't have these originals, sorry.

Irina said...

Hi there. Is it at all possible to re-up this great compilation please? Cheers.

Camelblue said...

@ Irina:
Links are working

fintan said...

Is harold faltermeyer ultimate collection goin 2 b released again im lookin every website cantfind it anywhere id love to get it

Camelblue said...

I am afraid this never will be released on stores.

Unknown said...

I want to thank you with all my heart. Your website is awesome! Greetings from Brazil.

Fernadoscruz said...

Wow! The links are still active! Thanks for sharing!! Greeting from Brazil too!

Sandy Gunawan said...

Link for Vol.2 is error...please fix it.