Friday, October 14, 2011

HERLAND Brothers - One Small Step (1994)

HERLAND Brothers - One Small Step (1994)
This five member band from the U.S. Northeast is made up of the three Herland brothers Frank, Scott and John, all with many years experience in the music world including radio, television and commercial recordings.
They have supported over the years many major acts as White Lion, LA Guns, Gary Cherone from Extreme, etc.

In the mid nineties the bros. released independently their self-produced debut “One Small Step” under the name HERLAND.
Their style has many influences, mostly American Melodic Rock, with a guitar driven sound and pretty good vocal arrangements.
It's a nice recording, but I don't understand the ridiculous prices (over $ 100) of this CD. Surely because it's rare and out of print.
This is a rip from a promo copy distributed before the official release.

01 - Sleepin' Beauty
02 - Swept Away
03 - Would You Be Mine Tonight
04 - Let Me Know
05 - Take Your Time
06 - Find Your Way
07 - Why 'o' Why

John Herland - Lead Vocals, back up vocals
Frank Herland - Keyboards, Acoustic Guitar, Back up vocals
Scott Herland - Lead & Rhythm Guitars, Back up vocals
Mike Fazio - Bass
Scott Reboulet - Bass
Arthur Mambuca - Drums, Percussion

HERLAND bros. One Small Step


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