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BILLY KATT (Greatest American Hero) - Secret Smiles (1982)

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Eighties nostalgics should remember William Katt.
This prolific Hollywood actor always be remembered for his main role on 'The Greatest American Hero' TV series during 1981-86. But he has been part of major movies such as the classic 'Carrie' or the comedy / horror 'House (1986)' flick as well.

Due the success of 'Greatest American Hero' first season, his management decided to exploit William's vocal studies and inked a deal with MCA for a LP.
Released under the moniker 'Billy Katt', "Secret Smiles" failed to chart and quickly went out of print.
The truth is that William at the mic isn't bad at all. In fact many songs here are really well performed and production is fine. Style-wise this LP is basically radio rock & pop oriented with the typical early '80s sound.
The vinyl is a collector's piece among Westcoast fans, as some slow tunes here go in that direction. "China" is the 'action-movie' uptempo AOR track on the album, and a quite good one, in the Frank Stallone's 'Far From Over' vein.

OK, let me tell you this rip does not meet the quality standards of this blog, but the LP is so hard to find (and was requested by a reader) that I decided to post it anyway, after a restoring audio job by me. It sounds, at least, decent.
Nice cheesy '80s stuff.

01 - Sleeping Beauty
02 - A Girl Like You
03 - Secret Smiles
04 - China
05 - One Night
06 - Nobody's Fool
07 - Winter Love
08 - Wrote A Letter
09 - By The Sea

Vocals: William 'Billy' Katt
Guitars: Bobby Donati, John Goux, Billy Katt, John McFee, Steve Trovato
Keyboards: Sandy Berman
Bass: Mark B. Murphy
Drums: Chet McCracken, David Platshon
Percussion: Tony Papa
Strings, Horns: Mike Linn
Background Vocals : Mark B. Murphy, Sandy Berman, Rosemary Butler, Billy Katt, Billy Kirkland

BILLY KATT - Secret Smiles


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