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KICK THE KANGAROO - Bits & Pieces (2003)

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KICK THE KANGAROO was formed at the beginning of the nineties in Denmark by high school mates who wanted to rock. The line-up included guitarist Søren Andersen who has played in the Glenn Hughes Band and many Scadinavian acts, and it's current Mike Tramp lead guitar man.

After 10 years playing together, the band debuted in 2000 with the self-produced 'Sounds Like a Bad Joke', followed in 2002 by this "Bits & Pieces".
Both spawned a couple radio hits in their homeland and Australia. Not strange, as they took the name Kick The Kangaroo as homage to Australian rock, which sound and style are impregnated in their music.
Indeed, Kick The Kangaroo plays a polished guitar-Rock&Pop with highly addictive melodies that reminds you aussie bands such as Invertigo or End Of Fashion, but also American radio rock in a style resembling 2000's Honeymoon Suite, Glen Burtnick and Mark Spiro or even late nineties Nelson.

The album starts with the uptempo, guitar driven melodic rock tune "Something Else" that echoes Mark Spiro's nineties material.
"Last Kiss" is an extremely commercial radio rocker, energetic and instantly catchy (on some places reminds me Neverland), which is followed by the wondrous "Human Inspiration", a contagious marching rock with a great refrain.
"I Would Do Anything" is more relaxed, with a more classic rock approach and some hints of Cheap Trick, but all wrapped into a modern sound.
"The Girl (I Really Loved)" has a brilliant pop-rock chorus where singer Michael Lund (who sports a velvety voice) drives the track in the vein of another Aussie band: Savage Garden.
We have other well crafted tunes mixing laid back sounds with more uptempos, being remarkable the party-ready "Smile" and the melodius and energetic "Perfect Day".

Kick The Kangaroo attracted the now defunct Swedish label Atenzia, and "Bits & Pieces" was re-released in 2003 with the hope to break them in other markets as well.
This Atenzia version has a different red coloured artwork and contains all songs from the original Danish release except for two; "Why" and "Goodbye" (I have added both tracks as bonuses) that were replaced by 3 songs from their debut (I Would Do Anything","The Girl I Really Loved" and "Straight To The Sun").

"Bits & Pieces" is a very good album in this style, with solid and well arranged songs plenty of fine melodies. Production is excellent, quite polished and organic.
Pretty rare and out of print.

01 - Something Else
02 - Last Kiss
03 - Human Inspiration
04 - I Would Do Anything
05 - The Girl (I Really Loved)
06 - Demons And Ghosts
07 - Smile
08 - Throw Me Out
09 - Perferct Day
10 - Think About The Rain
11 - Beautiful Someone
12 - Straight To The Sun
Extra tracks from the Danish release;
13 - Why
14 - Goodbye

Michael Lund: Lead vocals & add. guitar
Søren Andersen: Guitar & backing vocals
Lars Andresen: Keyboards & backing vocals
Jesper Haugaard: Bass & backing vocals
Rasmus Koch: Drums & backing vocals



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