Thursday, June 07, 2012

PUBLIC DOMAIN - Radio Nights (1997)

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PUBLIC DOMAIN was a studio project put together by keyboard player David Young and singer Billy Trudel, who used to be Elton John's backing vocalist and has recorded with Warpipes and Marc Jordan among others.
The album is plenty of laid back, smooth AOR tunes mixed with '80s FM radio rock oriented songs, although the overall production sound is pretty nineties.
There are a tasteful blend of electric & acoustic guitars, traditional keyboards (not synth based) and of course beautiful vocal harmonies constructed by all the band members.

Billy Trudel has a soulful and melodic voice that shines on the slower numbers such as "Saving Grace", "No Shame" or "Confetti".
But the man also can rock on the uptempo tracks, as on the Tyketto-like title track "Radio Nights", the anthemic "Shadow Of Eden", the rocking "Immortal Way" that reminds me Kyle Vincent and the acoustically wrapped "Clues".
"Marching On" is a strong mid-tempo AOR track with a great vibe, sporting a radio ready chorus supported by layers of backing vocals.
The ballad "Crimes Of Passion" was written by Elton John / Bernie Taupin and given to Trudel to use for this album. A typical dramatic Taupin tune very well arranged and performed.

Well produced and recorded, "Radio Nights" is a warm and gentle album rich in good melodies. Maybe it takes a couple of listens to get it in its full depth, but when it does, you'll love it.

01 - Radio Nights
02 - No Shame
03 - If I Were You
04 - Saving Grace
05 - Immortal Way
06 - Clues
07 - China Rain
08 - Child In My Heart
09 - Shadow Of Eden
10 - Silence Of Your Heart
11 - Confetti
12 - Marching On
13 - Crimes Of Passion

Billy Trudel - Lead & backing vocals
David Young - Keyboards, backing vocals
Bruce Watson - Guitars, mandolin, backing vocals
Larry Antonino - Bass, backing vocals
Matt Laug - Drums, percussion

Stuart Mathis - additional backing vocals
Cameron Stone, Roland Hartwell - Strings
Jimmy Haun - additional guitar

PUBLIC DOMAIN - Radio Nights