Saturday, June 02, 2012

THE LADDER - ST [CD reissue] + demos (1986)

I will be short here.
THE LADDER was an studio project put together by keyboard player Joe Parente with his producer brother Lou. Atlantic / ATCO signed them and released their one and only album.
"The Ladder" features an awesome collection of killer rockin' AOR / Melodic Rock tunes with a first class production. To me, one of the best albums of these beloved genres during the '80s.
Excellent choruses, driven guitars, tons of synths / keyboards and bombastic drums courtesy of Joe Franco (Fiona, Vinnie Moore, Chilliwack). ALL songs are great, trust me.

"The Ladder" become a collector's item for years, with a limited bootleg Scandinavian release (unofficial) in the mid-nineties being the only way to get it on CD.
Luckily, a NY re-issue record label finally published "The Ladder" on CD in 2010, with a really good sound. Here it is for your listening pleasure (thanx Swazi!).
I have added as bonus some rare demos from 1987/88.
Seems original members of the project are working on 'The Ladder 2' right now... Can't Wait!
A Must Have.

01 - Daydreams At Night
02 - Double Shot Of Love
03 - Time Soldier
04 - Don't Turn Me Away
05 - Breakdown
06 - Standin'
07 - Women Have Secrets
08 - Lie To Me
09 - Lover
10 - Dancing In The Dark
11 - The Star (demo)
12 - City Of Women (demo)
13 - Heart Of Darkness (demo)
14 - Take Love On The Run (demo)
15 - Inherit The Wind (demo)

THE LADDER 1986 personnel

THE LADDER CD reissue + demos


Anonymous said...


on YouTube you can find the stereo versions of the demoes that sound much better than those awfull mono versions you have !


Anonymous said...

I have also 4 live versions of The Ladder songs.


Camelblue said...

Glad you like it Wil !

rotovator said...

Can you post the live songs please?

Anonymous said...

No, surely he can't cos this is another moron criticizing other's people efforts, just that. ^-^
Thanks for this loveable disc Mr Camel.