Thursday, September 06, 2012

LIFE ON MARS - Landing Soon (2003)

This is a revamped post from years ago, per request.
Get it while it's hot...

This is another great discovery by my friend troynew.
First tip: The 21st century equivalent to HEART. But this band is much more varied than the Wilson sisters.
Founder Linda Marso (piano, electric keyboards) is a classically trained pianist (Juilliard School graduate) , you can appreciate that background through the entire album.
And lead vocalist Tracey Blue, WOW... the woman has the vocal cords of a goddess, high range, passionate performances.

The sort of rock they made is truly innovative, with strings, flute and synthesizers, but don't be scared, all perfectly mixed in the background, texturizing the songs, this is rock music.
The songs... another high point here. Mostly ballads (not cheesy at all), but strong and meaty. Think Jim Steinman's music without dramatics.
The rhythm section and guitars are really good, rounding this 'organic' album.

I can't recommend this bunch of songs enough, can't stop playing them.
Wondering why this band is not more well-known, and Tracey Blue a star in the melodic rock & pop scene.
Don't miss this album.

1 Anyway
2 Mirror Mirror
3 Why
4 Nothing In The End
5 In Over My Head
6 Heart of Rain
7 Toll of the Bell
8 Things Were Fine
9 Nancy Dear
10 I Still Love You
11 What Can I Do

Tracey Blue: lead & backing vocals
Linda Marso: piano, synthesizer programming
Ray DeTone: guitars
Yanko Valdes: bass, guitars
JP Patterson: drums

LIFE ON MARS - Landing Soon