Tuesday, September 25, 2012

TATSURO - Songs From L.A. 1 (1990)

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At the very beginning of the nineties the musical climate started to change in the States, more even for West Coast artists and L.A. session musicians.
Many of them found place of refuge in the Japanese market, a country always devoted to delicate sounds.

So there's a great amount of albums from those years including artists like Joseph Williams, Jason Scheff, Bill Champlin, etc, performing songs - generally from Japanese artists - in the American style.
Ironically, all these tunes were recorded as well in L.A. and with local musicians & arrangers, but only released in Japan.
I have posted some of these albums some time ago such as 'ANGELES Fade In Love', 'E35 Let's Sing J-Pop In English' and others.

Now, requested by a reader, it's time for "TATSURO - Songs From L.A", two volumes comprising songs from Japanese AOR singer Tatsuro Yamashita, performed by the likes of Joseph Williams, Tom Keane, Michael Thompson, Tim Pierce, Neil Stubenhaus and more.
Sweet, soft West Coast to enjoy with a glass of good red wine (Californian, why not).

Christmas Eve (Lead Vocal: Joseph Williams)
Sparkle (Lead Vocal: Elizabeth Wolfgram)
Touch Me Lightly (Lead Vocal: Dianne Reeves)
Windy Lady (Lead Vocal: Philip Bailey)
Your Eyes (Lead Vocal: Dianne Reeves)
The Whispering Sea (Lead Vocal: Elizabeth Wolfgram)
The Girl In White (Lead Vocal: Tom Keane)
Lady Blue (Lead Vocal: Tom Keane)

Guitars: Michael Thompson, James Harrah, Tim Pierce
Keyboards: Tom Keane, Steve Goldstein
Bass: Neil Stubenhaus
Drums: John Robinson
Horns: Gary Grant, Lew McCreary, Bill Reichenbach
Sax: Marc Russo, David Koz
Background Vocals: Yvonne Williams, E. Wolfgram

TATSURO - Songs From L.A. 1



Thanks again!great albums!Rock on!