Wednesday, September 12, 2012

VERA CRUZ - Hot Games [Bootleg CD] (1989) + demos

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Germans VERA CRUZ debuted in 1989 with "Hot Games" released through a small indie label, pressed on CD but in limited quantities. Much sought after by collectors, original copies were sold at eBay for $400!

Despite of being released in '89, the style in "Hot Games" is mid-eighties Melodic Rock / AOR with the typical German + Scandinavian sound; lots of keyboards & synths, melodic guitars and hooky choruses.
Actually, Vera Cruz sounds here quite Swedish, like early Skagarak (not so tight), early Treat, Quolio, Maeday and alikes.
All tracks are catchy with good musicianship, and although production isn't stellar, if you dig '80s Scandi-AOR you'll love it.

This is a rip (not mine) at maximum quality from the bootleg CD released in 2003, decently transferred from an unknown source.
Vera Cruz reformed around 2001 only with original member Tobi Janouschek, featuring new female vocalist Kirsten Janschke.
I have included as bonus several demos (very good sound), some of them included in Vera Cruz's indie CDR 2005 mini album "Careful". Keep in mind that this new millenium material is much more 'modern' oriented.

01 - One Way Or Another
02 - Don't Smash The Mirror
03 - Hot Game
04 - Lonely Times
05 - Slave Of Your Heart
06 - Burn Me
07 - Head Over Heels
08 - Another Year
09 - Weenah
10 - Another Beat of The Heart (Don't Cry)
11 - Frontiers
12 - Angel (2003)
13 - Hello (2005)
14 - Special Person (2005)
15 - God Damned Shame (2005)
16 - Take Care Of Yourself (2005)
17 - Fate (2008)

Andy Layer: Vocals
Tobi Janouschek: Guitars
Till Janouschek: Keyboards
Armin Wagner: Bass
Dieter Trabert: Drums



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Yeah...I like this

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Very good cd & classic band!