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TUESDAY BLUE - Shibumi (1988)

Part of the new romantic movement when it was formed in their native Limerick, Ireland, TUESDAY BLUE were changing their musical style through the years between some line-up changes.
Around 1987 the group got signed by a major American label subsidiary, and their debut "Shibumi" was released at the end of 1988 in the USA and in March 1989 in Europe.

The music developed by Tuesday Blue here is a mixture of elegant lite AOR with some melodic new wave scent in its structures.
The sound in "Shibumi" is glossy and clean, courtesy of David Richards' production (Magnum's Vigilante, Virginia Wolf), recorded at the Mountain Studios in Montreux owned by the rock band Queen.

We have thumping drums, synths, round basslines and that kind of lovable over-processed (clean) guitars conforming a thick musical background for Michael Ryan's tenor vocals.
Opener "Tunnel Vision" is a good example of Tuesday's vigor (sporting a very good guitar solo) which is interspersed through the disc with calmer moments. "Love Me Simple" is another strong tune with lush synths, blistering riffs and a fine chorus.

Overall, in "Shibumi" Tuesday Blue reminds me Canadians Boulevard and Frozen Ghost, early It Bites, some Real Life. There's few tracks reminscent of The Outfield too. I would have wished more hooky choruses but these songs are sonically a pleasure to listen, with delicate arrangements.
Ripped at maximum quality including artwork. Out of print and hard to find.

01 - Tunnel Vision
02 - Tell The Boys
03 - Love Me Simple
04 - Between Smiles And Tears
05 - Open Your Eyes
06 - Cut And Dry
07 - I Believe In You
08 - Escape The Escape
09 - Something Wrong With Your World

Lead & Backing Vocals – Michael Ryan
Guitars – Dave Keary
Keyboards, Piano – Tom Jones
Bass – Ralf Lindheim
Drums, Percussion – Ray Fean

TUESDAY BLUE - Shibumi (1988)


Anonymous said...

This albumis fantastic. Missed it when it was released then. Well, better late than never. More then 20 years ago. Reminds me of The Fixx. Thanks !

Camelblue said...

Glad you like it.
You're right, some The Fixx here indeed.

rossdelavega said...

Thanks so much for this. I borrowed and posted the link to a secret new wave share group. Cheers!

Camelblue said...

@Ross de la Vega: You're welcome.

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