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PARADISE - Do Or Die (1992)

PARADISE was a short lived L.A. band that arrived too late to the hair metal scene but at least they had the chance to release one album, and a really good one it its.
Paradise went through many lineup changes including Robbie Crane (Ratt) or Danny Wilder (Tuff). At the end of the eighties the band played every Sunset Blvd venue while their fan base grewn considerably, but the musical climate was changing and labels said 'no' to sign new bands of the genre.

So Paradise contacted a small German label and they agreed to record and release the band's debut. Renowned producer Jay Baumgardner (Ugly Kid Joe) was hired and they spent almost a year to give the recording the final touches.
There was too late in 1992 for "Do Or Die" in the US, but the band moved to Europe and presented the album live on many gigs, even being the opening act for the first leg of the Bon Jovi and Extreme tours that year.
Paradise was still in a position to make some waves in the old continent but due unspecified internal troubles they decided to part ways. The last two shows were in front of a big crowd at the Wacken Open Air Festival in Germany.

Paradise's style is like a crunchier version of Danger Danger, some Warrant, XYZ, etc, with catchy melodies and flashy guitar work.
The long year spent to record the album paid its dividends, at least sonically. "Do Or Die" has a brilliant sound and the band really feels vital all over the album. Production is crisp with all the sharpness needed for this American melodic hard rock / hair metal material.
Only released in Germany and never reissued, "Do Or Die" is quite unknown to fans of the genre, specially Americans.
And it's a very good one, believe me.

01 - Nightmares
02 - Voices
03 - Firin' Line
04 - Fever
05 - Need A Little Love
06 - Ghost Town
07 - When You're Gone
08 - I Want More
09 - Undercover
10 - You're 16

Adam Gifford: vocals
Matt Shumway: guitars, backing vocals
John Heller: bass, backing vocals
Michael March: drums, backing vocals
Josh Seigal, Adam Marsland: keyboards

PARADISE Do Or Die '92



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Dear Camelblue,

I totally agree with your review about this album. If you want I can rip the album for you in 320K quality.

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Mike Ballermann said...

great band... i'm interested in a 320k rip!

Camelblue said...

Great album indeed.
VBR V0 has the same quality of a 320 CBR, but go ahead! Feel free to post your links here.