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KEANE - Keane (1981) remastered

KEANE - Keane (1981) remastered
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The KEANE brothers Tom & John were prodigious kids, as in the mid-seventies at the age of 11 and 12, both fronted their own musical TV show and signed a major record deal. As 'Keane Brothers' they released two LP's produced by the likes of David Foster, Lamont Dozier and David Paich.

At the beginning of the '80s, the bros. formed their own band simply called KEANE, musically oriented to the AOR / Melodic Rock waves so en vogue with a more than a passing nod to the Toto sound. Indeed Keane was called 'Little Toto' but not only for their musical similarity, but also for the quality in their compositions and performances.
Tom Keane (only 18 years old at the time of the recording) shows a remarkable maturity on his greatly harmonized vocals, while the rest of the band including brother John on drums is impeccable.

KEANE - Keane (1981) remastered back cover

Cuts like the dynamic opener "Tryin' To Kill A Saturday Night", the muscular "Bad Little Baby Girl" or the rocking "You Got The Better Of Me" are no-brainers for any Melodic Rock / AOR aficionado.
"Baby I'm Dead" has something of REO Speedwagon, and the highlight "Kill Or Be Killed" somehow reminds me I-Ten, but the rest of the album is clearly impregnated by Lukather & Co: the sweet and melodious "Lorelei", "Anything Less Than Love" or the superb ballad "My Special Way".
Production is top notch and this remaster from the specialized Japanese label Cool Sound, pristine and clear.
Out of print.

01 - Tryin' To Kill A Saturday Night
02 - Bad Little Baby Girl
03 - You Got The Better Of Me
04 - Kill Or Be Killed
05 - My Special Way
06 - Baby I'm Dead
07 - I Love My Life
08 - Anything Less Than Love
09 - Lorelei
10 - Judy

Tom Keane - Vocals, Keyboards
John Keane - Drums & Percussion
Mike Milwood - Bass & Vocals
Mark Moulin - Guitars & Vocals
David Pearlman - Lapsteel Solo
Michael Zorro Singers - Background Vocals



T.P said...

What a great request that is! And - like usual - it's all attended by a sophisticated introduction which includes nice background information about the featured artists. Thank you so much, Camelblue, for bringing back this fabulous piece of then "en vogue" music from any long forgotten hall of fame.

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P.S. And credits to the requester who had the fantastic idea for requesting this! :-)

Türk 182 said...

the chorus is killing me I break from this part of the song (2.30 )after

Remember these guys now ...I think they had made a tv show with Jason Scheff
I take a look your archieve something is missing

TH Latona Shake Well Before Using 1989

Someday I would Like to See it

here Thank you in advance

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