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FACE DANCER - This World (1979) [remastered 2009]

FACE DANCER - This World (1979) [remastered 2009]
As requested, here it is the U.S. state of Maryland proud FACE DANCER and their debut "This World", a lovable slice of late seventies Hard Hock, Pomp AOR and high octane Cheap Trick influenced Melodic Rock, all wrapped by funny, quirky lyrical themes.
The production of Richie Wise (Kiss, Stan Bush) made Face Dancer's first album sound quite unique, fresh and entertaining.

We have here the most known songs from the band (also re-recorded for Midnite Raid, recently posted in this blog) such as the swaggering "Red Shoes" and one of my favorites, "Time Bomb", a delightful rocker with an instrumental middle section emulating the first video games.
"Can't Stand Still" is a straight-forward hard rocker with rich guitar work, "Change" is one of most elaborated songs with excellent vocal arrangements, and "Cry Baby" rocks with melody.
Another favourite of mine is "If I Could Kiss You", a midtempo ballad with a strong backbone and pompy flavored keyboards all over.

FACE DANCER - This World (1979) [remastered 2009] back cover

This is the remastered version of Face Dancer's "This World" reissued not so long ago with a crystal clear sound and nice artwork.
Really enjoyable.

01 - Red Shoes
02 - Can't Stand Still
03 - Change
04 - If I Could Kiss You
05 - The Sphinx
06 - Cry Baby
07 - Heart's At Home
08 - Hard To Please
09 - Time Bomb
10 - When You Said

Carey Kress - lead vocals
Jeff Adams - lead guitar
David Utter - guitar, vocals
Scott McGinn - bass, keyboards, vocals
Billy Trainor - drums

FACE DANCER This World remastered


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