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SEPTEMBER - Dreams & Lessons (1987) [bootleg CD]

SEPTEMBER - Dreams & Lessons (1987) [bootleg CD]
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Founded by brothers Russ & Doug Kirkland and their sister Dale, the St. Louis-based band SEPTEMBER was already featured on this blog some years ago with their second album Lines Are Falling.
"Dreams & Lessons" - from 1987 - was the band's last release and musically the most complete in my opinion, mixing classic '80s AOR with Melodic Rock and some Westcoast touches.

Both Russ and Dale share lead vocals most the time providing a very nice counterpoint on the varied material on offer here, as the Toto-esque "It Hurts Me", the highly harmonized midtempo "If You Believe", the poppy "Over My Wing", and the hardest rocking track on the record; "Stand Up Follow Me".
Dale leads solely on the Tane Cain sounding "Heaventime", while Russ does the same on the anthemic "Checkin' My Six" (somehow akin John Parr), the Starship-like rocker "I Fool Me" and the ballad "Sean's Song".
September even flirts with hi-tech stylings on "Animal Land", plenty of keyboards all over.

SEPTEMBER - Dreams & Lessons (1987) [bootleg CD] back cover

Unlike the more known groups from the CCM movement, September remained independent releasing their material through their own Sugar Records label. That's why their LP's are so hard to find and never were reissued on CD.
This is a rare, limited bootleg CD edition of "Dreams & Lessons" which sounds million bucks.
Get it while it's hot...

01 - It Hurts Me
02 - If You Believe
03 - Over My Wing
04 - Heaventime
05 - Sean's Song
06 - Animal Land
07 - I Fool Me
08 - Checkin' My Six
09 - Stand Up Follow Me

Dale Kirkland - Lead vocals, Keyboards
Russ Kirkland - Lead vocals, Synth, Electric Piano
Doug Kirkland - Keyboards, Vocals
John Hayes, Rob Williams, Scott Payne - Guitar
Jim Bullard, Jay Hungerford - Bass
Carl Albrecht - Drums, Percussion

SEPTEMBER Dreams & Lessons bootleg CD


T.P said...

Thanks, Camelblue, for that rare item. Admittedly I just listened to your teaser called "It Hurts Me", but what I heard of it so far makes me longing for more beyond question.

Bye for now,

JC_AOR said...

So many great posts lately Camel, I can hardly keep up... (-: I have this one already but a vinyl rip I think, so I'm looking forward to hearing this version.
Much appreciated.

Camelblue said...

Hope you like it folks.
I have tons of good & rare stuff in my vault, but sometimes I don't know which one to share with you, so feel free to request (here on in "REQUEST & FILL CORNER" section) and I'll do my best.

rockkrockk said...

@ camel

thanks for the great album....in my country upload is really scrwed,,,,so it wud be really helpful if u upload this album in other server like mega.co.nz or any other of ur choicce....thank u...

keep rokin'

Camelblue said...

@ rockkrockk :
You should use a free leech, there's a lot here:


T.P said...

@ Camelblue

If it would be easy enough for me to request your tons of good & rare stuff, I already had given it a try a lot more than I already did! :-)

The key problem simply is that my knowledge about AOR and Melodic Rock isn't something I can compete with you - the owner of the crown -, so in many cases I just wouldn't know what kind of stuff I actually could request at all, haha.

So as far as I'm concerned, I'd suggest you just go ahead as usual with posting one musical treasure you're in the mood for (if it isn't requested by others yet) at a time at your main site every now and then. You know, one of my credos is that..."never change a winning team".

I simply love your site, one which carries great weight for me, because in the broadest sense it changed my taste in music and due to that - my life. Such as? Well, whenever I think of the colour blue since then, my mind is always getting closely linked to the well-chosen background of your web site. No kidding!

Bye for now,

AORster said...

One of my favourite FF AOR albums, truly great.