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KEANE - Today ,Tomorrow And Tonight (1982) [remastered]

KEANE - Today ,Tomorrow And Tonight (1982) [remastered]
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After the successful self-titled debut as a band, KEANE quickly started the recording of this, their sophomore and final album "Today, Tomorrow And Tonight".
The Keane brothers turned things even more rocking for this new offering, still retaining their trademark melodies but more sharp in its delivery. The Toto influences are still here, but a more organic melodic rock vibe was thrown into the mix.

Bass player Mike Milwood was replaced by no-other than talented Jason Scheff (before joining Chicago) not only providing his deep bass lines but also enhancing even more the band's vocal harmonies.
There's a simple but catchy rocker on the commercial "Oh, Oh, Oh", a lovable melodic rock tune on "Don't Make Me Love You" (early Night Ranger-like), and a strong sharp guitar-driven track on "Tomorrow Is Today".
More AORish is the jumpin' "It's All Over", where Tom Keane's vocals gets a rougher delivery and Scheff plays a quasi-solo with his bass.

The full of bite and melody "I'm Ready Tonight" sounds again as a proto-Night Ranger, "I'm Ready Tonight" is groovy in the vein of 707, while the urgent "You Don't Have To" has some Loverboy on it.
Of course we have two fine ballads on the album; the smooth midtempo AOR of "My Kind" filled with clean guitars and a multi-part harmony chorus, and the superb closer "One Too Many Lovers", a Westcoast AOR sounding little gem.

KEANE - Today ,Tomorrow And Tonight (1982) [remastered] back cover

Sadly, KEANE was a short-lived affair delivering two excellent albums, but the group disbanded because all its talented restless members were hungry for personal musical challenges.
Tom Keane become one of the best and more requested AOR songwriters in history, and together with bro John recorded in countless albums as session musicians. Mark Moulin formed the great AOR outfit Dreamer and played with Stan Bush, and Jason Scheff met stardom fronting Chicago and pursuing a successful songwriting career as well.

As far I know, "Today, Tomorrow And Tonight", this final album by KEANE, never was released in the US. Seems the master tapes were lost for many years, but fortunately, Japanese label Cool Sound reissued both records in 2001 with a superb remastering job.
A mandatory addition to any Melodic Rock / AOR collection.

01 - Oh Oh Oh
02 - My Kind
03 - Don't Make Me Love You
04 - I Can See You
05 - Tomorrow Is Today
06 - It's All Over
07 - I'm Ready Tonight
08 - Mindreader
09 - You Don't Have To
10 - One Too Many Lovers

Tom Keane - Vocals, Keyboards
John Keane - Drums & Percussion
Mark Moulin - Guitars, Backing Vocals
Jason Scheff - Bass, Backing Vocals

KEANE Today ,Tomorrow And Tonight remastered


T.P said...

My compliments to you for this exclusive Double Feature about a bunch of excellent musicians I didn't have on my radar at all. Those two albums you are introducing here are some of the genre's best stuff that my ears ever had the chance listening to. A wonderful tribute to the (then beginning) shiny rockin' '80ies!

Bye for now,

Kammenos said...

hey, exactly as Thomas wrote... lol

Anonymous said...

I found about Keane not to long ago, they're great, I really like their stuff.
Shame this didn't last too much and it's rather obscure as well, wish there was more information about them.
Strange how these songs didn't become hits back in the day, or even stranger, their second record wasn't published in the states being them so well known there.
At least here is some info, really nice post, much appreciated!

Philemon said...

Is there any chance of a re-up of this? Your site is amazing. I would imagine the resurgence of yacht rock has sent a lot of visitors into your orbit. I just recently found it myself while rooting around the web for the Maxus record.

The Keane bros and Keane (band) albums have been on my wishlist for bit now. I haven't checked to see if it's still out there anywhere, but there used to be a clip online somewhere or other of the brothers playing "Amy" on some mid-'70s variety or talk show. They looked like babies! But the musicianship was already there. Best wishes.