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FROZEN GHOST - Shake Your Spirit (1991)

FROZEN GHOST - Shake Your Spirit (1991)
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FROZEN GHOST is one of the essential bands from the Canadian '80s Melodic Rock / AOR scene, being their self-titled debut a must have in the collection of any fan of the genre (I wonder why it never was featured here on this blog...)
Anyway, their 3rd record "Shake Your Spirit" is another fine slice of superb tunes finding the band into a more Melodic Hard Rock lane, the sound dominating the very early '90s in America. The keyboards were pushed back a little, and axe man Phil X has a lot of room for his melodious riffs.
However, the trademark hooks from the band are still present on these melodic rockers.

Founded by ex- members of AORsters Sheriff, Arnold Lanni and Wolf Hassel, you only could expect quality from Frozen Ghost.
The catchy "Something To Say" is my favorite, with that unmistakable Canuck feel, but also the AORish "Cry (If You Want To)", the really melodic "Another Time And Place" and the elegant "Head Over Heels".
On the more rocking side we find title track "Shake Your Spirit" (nice background vocals), "So Strange" (with some Loverboy on it) and "Doin' That Thing".

FROZEN GHOST - Shake Your Spirit (1991)

"Shake Your Spirit" was the last Frozen Ghost album, as Lanni dedicated his time to produce, becoming a successful cat in this matter for acts such as Our Lady Peace, Finger Eleven and Thousand Foot Krutch.
This is the hardest to find Frozen Ghost CD, as far I now, never reissued and out of print.

01 - Come Alive (Intro)
02 - Shake Your Spirit
03 - So Strange
04 - Cry (If You Want To)
05 - Shine On Me
06 - Another Time And Place
07 - Something To Say
08 - Revival (Intro)
09 - Stuck In A Groove
10 - Head Over Heels
11 - Swing To The Rythm
12 - Doin' That Thing

Arnold Lanni - lead vocals, keyboards, guitars
Wolf Hassel - bass, vocals
Phil X - guitars, vocals
John Bouvette - drums, percussion

FROZEN GHOST - Shake Your Spirit


T.P said...

After listening to your YT-teaser, I can say that I'm head over heels in love with 'Head over Heels', this fantastic song performed by a band I didn't know about until now. So I'm not just grateful for your introduction of the essential Frozen Ghost, but appreciate the recommendation on their S/T record as well.

Bye for now,

Omar said...

Thank you!!! it´s amazing!!!