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THE KITE - The Kite (1991)

THE KITE - The Kite (1991) Canada
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Canadians from the Toronto area, THE KITE was one of those really interesting bands from the late '80s combining a musical recipe which included equal parts of Melodic Rock hooks, elegant AOR melodies and light proggy sounds.
With a typical pristine Canuck sound (produced by Rush collaborator Terry Brown) The Kite recorded their self-titled debut in 1991 released through the small local label Spy Records, distributed by A&M.

The sytle on the "The Kite" can be compared with Bricklin, Glass Tiger, Fozen Ghost, Gowan, Naked Eyes, but the band, as said, explores different paths occasionally adding little Hi-Tech touches in the vein of their underrated countrymen Eight Seconds, and neo prog arrangements akin Saga.
The melodic rock of opener "Breaking Point" and closer "Pages Turn", the rhythmically rich "Peculiar Donna" and "Raging Sea" and the Saga-type AOR of "Masquerading" (lots of keyboards) are amongst the best cuts here.
A personal favorite is "Breaking Point", the kind of AOR driven by synth stabs, a solid bass line and a light prog melody. Keyboardist Bryan Vamos plays real Mellotron here.

THE KITE - The Kite (1991) back cover

"The Kite" is a very recommended, enjoyable record where all the tracks are truly melodic, impeccably arranged and performed. Production is lush, crystal clear, with the traditional Canadian seal all over.
The CD was released in Europe a year after by a German label, but of course, "The Kite" never was reissued since then, and become out of print.

01 - Days Of Youth
02 - The Road Of Hope
03 - These Four Walls
04 - Peculiar Donna
05 - Raging Sea
06 - Breaking Point
07 - Diamonds To Dust
08 - World Of Lies
09 - Masquerading
10 - Pages Turn

Vocals, Guitar – Robbie Brennan
Keyboards, Mellotron – Bryan Vamos
Bass – Gregory Lewis
Drums – Robert Leader

THE KITE 1991 CDrip


T.P said...

Thank you for the smoothly rockin' Kite feature. That, among others, is exactly the stuff my taste is made of!

Bye for now,

Venus Productions said...

Thanks for finding my and my fathers (and the others) Band. I am Bryan Vamos's Son. Thanks for liking our music! Check out more of our songs and albums at: www.zoltanxvamos.wix.com/thekiteofficial . Thank you :)

Camelblue said...

I assume you're Benjamin... nice music!
Keep rockin'

Anonymous said...

precious album a must have!

Unknown said...

I use to work with your dad at the w c wood company. (Screwing kids on) I think I remember him giving me the cassette and listening to it on the way home. Always wondered what happen to the kite

bryanvamos said...


Benjamin's Kite released an album, Antediluvian Euphonies, in 2018 and has just release the follow up, "Ingenious Cacophonies" as of October 4th, 2020. Hello to whomever it was that used to work with me at WC Woods ... and please check out the tunes ;-)