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SEVEN WISHES - Seven Wishes (1999)

SEVEN WISHES - Seven Wishes (1999)
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Swedes SEVEN WISHES were formed in the mid-nineties from the ashes of Love Child, a very good and unknown Scandi hard rock act. Indeed, the core of the band consists of guitarist and producer Anthony Cedargren, bass player Tony Westgard and Jens Perrsson on drums, all previously in Love Child, plus the addition of singer Pelle Anderson.

Seven Wishes self-titled debut was released by a British label, but their sound is typically Scandinavian.
The band was often compared with Dokken - just check "Life Goes On" - but to my ears their blend of sharp hard rock with melody and a touch of edgy metal waters from bands like TNT, 220 Volt, Treat, Talisman, the first Dalton, etc.
There are train-rolling fast hard rockers like "Confirm The Action" or "Caught By Surprise" mixed with more melodic hard numbers such as "Love Affection", "One To Blame" and "Set You On Fire".
All is balanced by two good ballads; the slightly '80s Queensryche sounding "Open Your Eyes (Don't Turn Away)" and the much more typical Scandinavian "Bring Me To Heaven".

SEVEN WISHES - Seven Wishes (1999) back cover

"Seven Wishes" is a quite solid rocking album well produced, plenty of razor guitar riffs and killer solos (there's contributions from Pontus Norgren of Talisman / The Poodles fame), and the band does a really good job on harmony vocals.
This is a hard rock oriented site too, and "Seven Wishes" is a nice slice from the genre to bang your head with joy.

01. Seven Wishes
02. We Want It All
03. One To Blame
04. Life Goes On
05. Confirm The Action
06. Bring Me To Heaven
07. Caught By Surprise
08. The Wasted
09. Love Affection
10. Set You On Fire
11. Open Your Eyes (Don't Turn Away)

Pelle Anderson - vocals
Anthony Cedargren - guitar, backing vocals
Tony Westgard - bass, keyboards, backing vocals
Jens Perrsson - drums
Additional Musicians:
Pontus Norgren - guitar
Kristoffer Gustofssen - keyboards
Linda Gustofssen - drums